ChabadMatch Update

Tishrei 5780 Edition 38

Gmar Chasima Tova!

Wishing all our members, parents and Shadchanim a Gmar Chasima Tova! May we share many Simchas together! May all singles find their Bashert and have their profile deleted this year, and may we all encourage other single siblings, children and friends to submit a profile and make a כלי in finding a Shidduch this year!

Another Site Engagement!!

Shadchan Rus Kinn relates: "Soon after I saw the Bochur's profile on ChabadMatch, a certain young lady asked for help to find her match. With Hashem's great help, I set them up, and after about three weeks they got engaged!"

Igros: Creating a Perfect Union

Letter Written: 8 Tishrei, 5722

Keep in mind that marriage is not only the beginning of a partnership but the beginning of a union, where both parties truly become one, united for life. [They do so] in order to set up an “everlasting edifice,” as mentioned in the text of the sacred [nuptial] blessings.

Therefore, it is clear that everything should be done in order to assure the maximum degree of compliance with the will of G‑d, the Creator and Master of the universe and of man, whose Providence extends to everyone individually.

Even if it is but a question of hiddur [“adorning” and enhancing a commandment by being scrupulous in its observance], or even an extreme measure of hiddur, and even if there are some difficulties to overcome in this connection, no effort should be spared to do even that, because it is all for the added benefit of the “everlasting edifice.”

Chasam Sofer's Urgent Shidduch

   It was growing late on Erev Yom Kippur when the Chasam Sofer summoned his daughter to carry out an important mission. She was to make her way to one end of Pressburg to inform an orphan boy that after Yom Tov the Chasam Sofer would propose a Shidduch with an orphan girl. Then she was to travel to the girl, at the other end of Pressburg, and bring her the same good news.

   While the daugher was willing to oblige, she couldn't help asking her father, "Isn't it too close to Kol Nidrei? Couldn't this wait a day?" Her saintly father replied, "My daughter, I must take this Mitzvah along with me to Shul. It cannot wait." 

   The Chasam Sofer, whose account already overflowed with Mitvos, felt that this was the one he wanted to take to Shul. So potent a Chessed is a Shidduch, so much good does it do to have a hand in creating a new Jewish home, that this was a Mitzvah that couldn't wait.

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