I listened to your feedback and updated my signature mini-course – How to make great decisions – the definitive guide to making great decisions in life and work in less than 30 minutes. As a result, it’s now just over 30 minutes of videos but this includes the introduction of course and the final goodbye videos.

If you enrolled before into the free mini-course, you will still have access to the now paid version.

You can learn about how to make great decisions in 30 minutes. But to make great decisions you need to put a lot of effort into this.

The process of decision making starts inside of you and not outside.

That’s why I have added lessons and exercises to help you reflect and understand yourself better. By learning how to make great decisions you will transform your life.

One of the new lessons is how to write your personal statement, know your vision, mission, core values, and objectives, and goals. In addition to a new comprehensive workbook to help you throughout the process.

The course has now 30% more content, lessons, exercises, and a new companion workbook. All this with lifetime access and lifetime course update, plus a certificate of accomplishment

Life transformation takes time and will only start when you start your journey.

Check out the newly updated course now and earn a certificate.

If you liked the course kindly refer your friends to try The Decisions Academy.

Waiting for your feedback


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