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Good day, everyone! SMEAG is delighted to share the amazing events and academic activities that happened in the past week. Let's find out together! ~

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Wishing you a wonderful week ahead! 😄🎉

The Classic and Sparta Campuses of SMEAG are conveniently close to two well known shopping malls in Cebu. Yes, that's right! Students can travel in about 10 minutes or less to Ayala Mall and SM City Mall.

Ayala Center Cebu offers retail, dining, and entertainment options that are unparalleled in the South. It boasts of its multi-level dining and entertainment enclave with a  beautifully landscaped parks and water features.

SM City Mall, on the other hand, is a large shopping mall owned and developed by the country's largest shopping mall owner and developer. Students could shop at various stores and dine in famous restaurants in SM City Mall!

Watch the video to visualize how SMEAG is conveniently located at the center of Cebu city!  ~ 😊

Everyone, please meet Peter and Maria! A lovely married couple who came all the way from Russia to study here with us at SMEAG. Learn more about why they opted to study English in the Philippines, the experiences they had during their learning period and the improvements they made from their first day in school up until their last day. We encourage you to watch a video of  the interview to know more about them. 👫📚🧡

Taiwan is regarded as one of the best food destinations in the world. Their food is a mix of the cuisine of the Min Nan, Teochew and Hokkien Chinese communities, along with Japanese cooking techniques.

With this, SMEAG has specially brought the delicious cuisine of Taiwan in the dining hall of our kitchen! We served dumplings, beef soup, tofu and other well-known taiwanese dishes to our students. One word to describe this day would be "flavorful" since it was an enjoyable night of eating delectable food! As what other students have shared, SMEAG has brought the flavorsome taste of Taiwan in the Philippines!

Aya, one of our students, joyfully volunteered to share her SMEAG story to us! She spent 12 weeks for ESL, 6 weeks for TOEIC and 6 weeks for Business. Despite the struggles she encountered during the first few days she had in SMEAG, she later adapted and made new friends! Her English skills evidently improved and we are proud to see her knowledge grow. Learn more about her story by watching a video of her  interview.

Be it for recreation, healthy living or social activity purposes, SMEAG Global School showcases two swimming pools which can be utilized by students of all ages. The school features a three feet deep pool for pre-elementary and elementary students while a four to five feet deep pool is provided for Junior and Senior High School Students.

Safety is always a priority at SMEAG, so facilitators are always available to oversee students and train those who want to take their swimming skills to a competitive level.

Did you know that SMEAG English has literally an amazing student lounge? It is all furnished with a library, 2 fridges and 9 microwaves. It’s the coziest, brightest and most spacious area at our campus and it also has a great view over the iconic flagstaff gardens. Our students, staff members, and visitors are welcome to stay here to sip the coffee and tea we provide. A ping pong table, a mini fussball and a variety of board games are among the highlights of this area. All these facilities are always available to anyone. Why don’t you come and enjoy it too?





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