A month of pangolins!

Dear Friends and Supporters, February was really a month of pangolins as we gained more significant steps on the road to protect these lovely animals.

Reach out to university students

On the World Pangolin Day, we provided a seminar "Students and Pangolin Conservation for over 400 students from Vietnam National Forestry of University. This marked our collaboration with the student association for the first time.

The students learnt how Vietnamese and Chinese consumption of pangolin meat and their scales which are inaccurately believed to have medical benefits are driving this shy nocturnal animal to extinction. They also learnt about pangolin ecology and the threats to pangolin habitats which are shrinking due to development. The students were given advice on choosing conservation as a career: what to learn and what to prepare before graduation.

Mr. Nguyen Duy Vuong, chairman of the Student Association¬†of Vietnam National University of Forestry said it was an honor to collaborate with Save Vietnam‚Äôs Wildlife on World Pangolin Day, ‚ÄúSuch events help to foster enthusiasm for Vietnamese conservation and offered real insight to those considering a career in protecting Vietnam‚Äôs wildlife‚ÄĚ.

Get support from Highlands Coffee

We had a chance to work with United Nation and Highlands Coffee to support a international campaign for wildlife in Vietnam area.

We were chosen to run training course about eight endangered species for Highlands staff. In returns, Highlands offered a 50,000 special combo to support us: with each combo sole, we get 5,000 VNńź to spend on our pangolin rescues, law-enforcement officers training courses and education campaigns for young generations.

This is a really good sign for not only us starting to work with private sector but also for Vietnam conservation starting to get attention from big corporations.

And 5,000$ raised

Our small campaign for Kim, Hero and Happy raised 5,000$ thanks to the generosity of 70 supporters all over the world.

We will make sure the money well-spent for our babies.

A video you don't want to miss!

Yes, it's Kim again

Kim was really a spotlight on our Facebook page last month with more than 1,500 shares and more than 20,000 reaches for this video of her climbing around.

With a kindness from Hai - her human mother, she keeps getting more beautiful and active and mature everyday. We really can not wait to see her get released one day.

And another piece of good news

Badly injured and suffered from rotten part of body, this poor pangolin received a really good Vet care from Hai. He nearly fully recovered and February might be the last month we have to see him in bandage. Cheers!

Support us for more good news to come next months!

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A piece of update on our research project

So far, the study has revealed greater local knowledge about the species in particular areas, specifically a greater knowledge of¬†Manis pentadactyla¬†and its continued, though declining presence in Sao La ‚Äď Hue Natural Reserve, Song Thanh Natural Reserve‚Äď Quang Nam and Pu Mat National Park in Nghe An.

One of the reverse is a critical biodiversity corridor between east-west Vietnam with Laos. But conservation and enforcement face difficulties here, as this particular protected area also has a national highway running right through it to Ho Chi Minh City, allowing easy access to the reserve for outside hunters and providing hard to patrol borders.

However, Mai And has also found many communities to be very open with her and friendly, honestly sharing with her their needs, which is encouraging for future research activities, not only in finding the Chinese pangolin, but in community outreach too.

3 x New

New member on board

Last month, we welcomed another animal lover to the team: Nguyen Van Dung.

Dung has been working in wildlife conservation for over 10 years as an independent research consultant many international conservation organisations such as Flora and Fauna International (FFI) and Conservation International (CI), International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) , the Endangered primate Research Centre (EPRC) and the Forestry protection Department (FPD, Vietnam).

Dung’s track record of successfully conducting field research in difficult conditions will be a great asset to our team as we research the ecologies of our target species and the social conditions and attitudes that support the illegal wildlife trade. 

New website

This is where our communications team put their energy into for the most of last month: a brand new website.

With a volunteering help from The Design Embassy from Australia, we were on the final stages to get the new site live.

New adoptions

Huge thanks to Coral Keegan, Emma Nygren and Viviana Holm for adopting our pangolins.

These sponsors would help us cover the costs of purchasing foods, hunting for live ants and Vet cares for the animals.

You can check out our Adoption page to learn more about how things work.

Thank you!

That's all for February. Thank you for always be there for us and let's conquer more targets together.

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