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Lucy's Personal Update:
Visit my Patreon!

Greetings everyone! I'm married, I'm back, and I'm excited to catch up on making new videos and content now that my "bride brain" has calmed down!

If you want to see a sneak peek of my wedding, I made a post on Patreon about it, and members can read it and see the pics here.

I received many messages asking whether I'm doing any Black Friday / Small Business Saturday / Cyber Monday sales, and the answer is no. Not me personally.


That doesn't stop me from showing you a few interesting sales I've found from my corset making friends!

See if anything interests you below. :) Buying anything using these links supports the corsetiere as the artist, and supports me as an affiliate as well. Win-win!

~ Lucy

Wanna Buy a Corset?

Sales on ready-made or made-to-order corsets!

Emerald Queen Art

(who makes my FAVORITE ribbon corsets!) is offering 10% off her Etsy listings, including her new Waist Training Ribbon Corset!

KMK Designs

(who specializes in plus size corsetry & cosplay, but also has corsets in a wide range of sizes) is offering 20% off pre-made corsets and costumes!

Rebel Madness

(who makes lightweight and inexpensive, but strong corsets)  is offering 15% off almost everything on Etsy!

Moriel Corsetry

(who creates lace-embellished corsets and "stealthable" trainers) is offering up to 20% off her basic training corsets!

Wanna MAKE a Corset Instead?

Sales on ready-made or made-to-order corsets!

Sin & Satin

Corsetiere Jasmine Ines is offering 20% off all digital corset patterns!

Royal Black Couture

Barbara Pesendorfer is offering an incredible 25% off her super-in-depth corset making tutorials!

Corset Making with Scarlett Sapsford

Scarlett is offering 60% off her corset making course & pattern bundles, and 50% off everything else with the code BLACK2020

Underpinnings Museum

Get 25% off all exhibitions and patterns (including Sparklewren patterns!) using the code BLACKFRIDAY25

"Ebay Corset Finds" page will be updated next week!

I did *sorta* update it last week but honestly the Black Friday sales above are much more exciting.


  • The Etsy shop sales are of new corsets, not gently used
  • You get to support the corsetiere directly with the BF sales above
  • Etsy's rating system and buyer protection will mean a smoother and less risky buying situation as compared to Ebay
  • Also quite honestly I ran out of time this week to update the Ebay page
  • Support your local small businesses and artists! *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Click to see all of Lucy's Ebay finds
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