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November 30, 2018 - Issue #81

Project News

New Quiz Question on Edulinc: Word Select
A new type of quiz question, Word Select, is available on edulinc. This question type can be used to ask learners to identify grammar or spelling errors, misplaced words, parts of speech, etc. Documentation explaining how to use this new tool is found in Ch. 4 in the Blended Learning Development: Activity Guide 2 resource in Stage 3.

Is Your Course Missing the Courseware Help block?
If you would like to add the Courseware help block to link to this page to your course, instruction can be found here.

Web News

Immigration levels plan for 2019 to 2021 to welcome more economic immigrants
At the end of October, the Government of Canada announced its multi-year immigration levels plan for 2019 to 2021. The new levels plan focuses on increasing economic immigration. Building on the strong economic foundation that was laid out in last year’s 3-year levels plan, it continues to responsibly grow the number of permanent residents that Canada welcomes annually to 330,800 in 2019, 341,000 in 2020 and 350,000. ...

5 EdTech Initiatives Delivering Learning Resources to Migrants and Displaced People Around the World: UNESCO
There are currently more refugees, migrants, and displaced people than the world has seen since the fallout of World War II. Migrants face uncountable challenges. Securing proper education—especially for young people—would be somewhere near the top of the list. The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) proposes an incredibly ambitious response: “Leave no one behind.” ...

Will Online Learning Replace the Classroom?
... While technology has certainly evolved considerably from more than a millennium ago, the classroom environment has remained a constant. But that is slowly changing. ... Since the earliest days of the Internet, people have been going online to learn new skills. However, in recent years, this capability has grown substantially ... It’s become clear that online learning may soon become the preferred mode of education, eclipsing the longstanding classroom-based standard. ...

Foreign students transforming Canada’s schools, immigration
... More than 500,000 international students are expected to study in Canada this year, in primary schools through to universities, more than four times as many as were here in 2000. “The increase is a huge success for international education in Canada," said Larissa Bezo, interim head of the Canadian Bureau for International Education. Because of rule changes introduced by both Conservative and Liberal governments, 40 per cent of all economic-class immigrants accepted by the federal government are now international students who have graduated and who want to stay in Canada.. …

2019-2021 Immigration Levels Plan: Why is Canada Welcoming More Newcomers?
The Conference Board of Canada’s Senior Research Associate Kareem El-Assal offers the following insights on the Government of Canada’s 2019-2021 multi-year immigration levels announcement made this afternoon. ...

Should We “Learn with Facebook”? A Troubled Platform Enters the eLearning Market
... Learn with Facebook is a platform that aims to offer Facebook users access to free courses. Whether you’re a student, a job-seeker, a small business owner or founder, Learn with Facebook hopes to offer free, easy-to-use resources to respond to your needs and level of experience. In addition to courses, on topics such as digital storytelling and pitching to potential investors, users will also find expert advice and job tips.


Five Keys to Using Tech With English Learners
With the right mix of tech tools and teacher direction, English Language Learners can unlock a world of possibility when it comes to learning. Integrated technology can assist ELLs in establishing a foundation for learning a second language when used appropriately in classrooms. ... thoughtful technology can drive learning and carry students to successful language mastery. The tech keys that unlock the door these learners include:...

What The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mobile Learning Are
Mobile learning is a broad term used to refer to any teaching and learning that happens with the use of mobile devices and platforms. Let's explore the advantages and disadvantages of mobile learning. …

Design Your E-Learning Course Using Gagné’s Nine Events Of Instruction
To follow the behaviorist approach of e-learning, most industry experts have adopted Gagné’s ­9 Events of Instruction. It helps learners relate e-course content with something they already know or have experienced. ...

What Does VR Have to Do With Online Education?
Virtual reality isn’t so much a new buzz word in the world of online education as a long-held science fiction dream that is rapidly coming to life. There is something unquestionably exciting about the prospect of an immersive, interactive environment that you can experience without leaving the comfort of your living room. And while current technology has yet to become mainstream, the headway augmented reality has made indicates that full VR won’t be far behind.

Teach English Online Anytime, Anywhere
Imagine the joy and reward of being able to get teaching experience from the comfort of your own home. At English First, you have the opportunity to both choose your own schedule and teach from the U.S. or almost any other country around the globe. ...

LINC Instructor
COSTI requires a LINC level 0-1 instructor for its Language & Skills Training Services, Richmond Hill Welcome Centre. Preference will be given to candidates who have completed PBLA (Portfolio Based Language Assessment) and LearnIT2Teach Stage 2 training.

Professional Development

New Resource in LearnIT2teach Annotated Bibliography: Educational Affordances of an Asynchronous Online Discussion Forum for Language Learners
Curious about what the very popular term “affordances” means and what it might mean for teaching with technologies like discussion forums, that weren’t necessarily developed with second language acquisition in mind? This study looks at how asynchronous online discussion forums can be used to motivate adult learners and encourage them to develop language skills in a non-threatening, collaborative online environment. Because postings in online discussions can be read or responded to at the learners’ convenience, there is usually ample time for them to collect their thoughts, look things up and practise new language before they start a new posting.

Plenary by Nicky Hockly - Digital literacies (YouTube)
Digital literacies are the technical skills and social practices needed to effectively interact with and communicate via digital technologies. Digital literacies are key 21st century skills, and are increasingly important in educational curricula the world over, across all subject areas. This plenary looks at some of the theory underpinning digital literacies, and considers the implications for educational managers and leaders. We explore how educational institutions can take a principled and effective approach to integrating digital literacies into the English as foreign language curriculum.. ...

Teachers' Tools for Annotating Web Pages
Annotating is a great way to capture and record your thoughts as you interact with a reading material which can be a text document, a web page, a PDF, an image or even a video. ... Besides enhancing one’s comprehension of a text, annotation is also a great way to promote collaborative team work. Students working on the same project can record their comments ... and engage in interactive discussions. This is even made easier with the advance of annotating tools that support real-time collaboration ... There are several web tools and mobile apps you can use for annotations. Below are some of our favorite titles. ..

e-Resource Corner
Textivate generates a wide range of interactive activities based on your own text and / or matching items. It works with texts of up to 500 words and / or up to 200 matching items. ...

Grammar Gamble
Aiimed at Intermediate English learners, users log in and answer 10 questions each game. At each question they can bet some of their 'money' on the answer. If they choose right, they win the bet. If they choose wrong, they lose!

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