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Issue 93- January 1, 2021

Issue 93- January 1, 2021

Happy New Year, Everyone! I'm still in my reflective end of the year hermit state, and am planning to keep things short, simple, and random this week.

I came across THIS FASCINATING 2020 YEAR IN REVIEW on Instagram, and I think that we can all collectively say that  2020 was definitely quite a year (to say the least)...but, Praise be to God we made it through 🙏🏽!

While I always say that I am a socially antisocial introverted extrovert, I found myself delving even deeper into the throes of my antisocialness and introvertedness this past year. (Which, to me, sounds a bit odd to say, given the state of things in the world- but, I feel like it is more so a self preservation tactic in my bit of empath and HSP-ness). So many emotions around so many draining and exhausting things...and, not really having the energy to be able to articulate them in way that I felt like others would understand. Anyway...I spent the majority of the year in an extended solo isolation of sorts...(It's crazy to think that I have only seen one person that I know in real life since March...and, that my "adventures" into the world pretty much solely consist of grocery store runs to Trader Joe's). 

Earlier today I was looking back at some pictures that I took at the very beginning of the year and reflecting on who that person was versus who I am now. At my core I believe I am the same-but, at the same time, I also feel very different...(it would be way too hard to explain my reflection around that...plus, it's after 3AM, and would probably come off as a ramble anyway). I've always been a person that appreciates and finds joy in the "little things" in life- and, this year I have felt that on an even deeper level. I compiled a gratitude list of many of the things that brought me joy and happiness this year- and was brought to tears in those reflections. I had initially thought that I would share a portion of that list on here- but, I now kind of feel like it might be oddly placed...(and, this is already much longer than I had expected to write).

Anyway, I'm super grateful for any time that you have taken to open up my emails, and that you even care to read about any of the ramblings that go on in my head. It truly means a lot. It is my prayer that this new year will bring many great blessings of restoration of hope and encouragement for the world, and that each of you are blessed with the things that bring your heart joy, love, and happiness. 

I aim to be back in regular format next week!




My prayer for all of you.

Sharing this profound reflection from my friend, Renette, that I loved...

2020, prophetic in nature, gave clear VISION to the depth of humanities brokenness💔

Our breath was literally taken away at every turn spirit, soul and body; YET, God’s Amazing GRACE and Deep LOVE TRUMPED our depravity.

Heaven Kissed Earth through the SACRIFICE of Essential and Frontline Workers.

Heaven Kissed Earth through the kindness of countless people helping people day after day.

Heaven Kissed Earth as many in the world stood for justice and righteousness.

Heaven Kissed Earth as humanity counted others higher than themselves doing what it took to keep each other safe.

As I wish each of you a Blessed, Healthy and Prosperous New Year I pray we take the Best of Who We Are into 2021 and continue to make the World a Better Place❣️🙏🏽💫

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