Picnics, hikes, cookouts, pools, much fun in the summer sun! 

I hope you're enjoying the weather and having a good time with good people. I know I have been.  Which is why I've been a bit slow with the emails these last two weeks. Hopefully you've been too busy summering to notice. ;-)

This week, aside from sending belated Independence Day and Fiscal New Year (that's right - it's starting all over again) wishes, I want to also extend to you a special invitation. 

Next Thursday, July 14th, at Noon EST I will present "How Email Will Shape the Success of Your Next Campaign" via Zoom for anyone who wishes to tune in. It's a presentation I've made several times and has helped many fundraisers, directors, and other nonprofit leaders understand what's working in email marketing today. I'm making it available to my email subscribers on Thursday for free so that I can get another good practice run in before I present it to conference goers at VFRI later this month. 

It's about an hour. If I'm talking really fast (and I do).

If you think you'd like to tune in, just reply to this email and I'll send you the Zoom link as soon as it's ready. 

Until then, it's all SPF and ABV...

Keep Up the Good Work, 


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