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GUYANA: Man arrested in connection with killing of two teenagers, as unrest intensifies

Demerara Waves: By Denis Chabrol in CrimeNews –  September 6, 2020


Burning debris on the Number 5 Village Public Road Bridge.

Police Sunday night said a man was arrested in connection with the discovery of the bodies of two teenagers  in the backlands of Cotton Tree Village , West Coast Berbice. (near Rosignol)

“Acting upon information received the police have since arrested a 57 year old male of Cotton Tree, West Coast Berbice. He is presently in custody,” police spokesman, Royston Andries said.

While crime scene detectives did not see any blood stains or weapon around the bodies or within the immediate vicinity, they found apparent blood stains at the suspect’s coconut farm.  Continue reading →


USA Elections 2020: THE  DONALD  IS ONE  LUCKY  GUY – By Hubert Williams

COMMENTARY – By  Hubert  Williams

Bridgetown, Barbados, September 5, 2020 – Nearly four years ago, against all odds, a political novice named Donald Trump, who I said at the time understood well the science of deals, shocked the world by defeating Mrs. Hillary Clinton, humbling the Democratic Party and winning his way into the White House as America’s 45th President.

Now, political novice no more, he seeks to rise to the challenge of a repeat; and is again blessed by incipient weakness in the opposition for the November 3 poll; for it is Nature’s dictate that an old man and a young woman seldom mate well; and the brief campaign — with all its COVID-19 restrictions and racially-tinged disturbances around the country — will likely coalesce white and right-wing support around the President.      Continue reading →


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Guyana owes a debt of gratitude to the Congregational churches for pioneering education for Africans

 Sep 06, 2020  APNU Column, Features / Columnists – Kaieteur News

(A review of David Granger’s Congregationalism and communitarianism. The Congregational Church in post-Emancipation Guyana.)

David Granger’s Congregationalism and communitarianism. The Congregational Church in post-Emancipation Guyana recalls the historic role which Congregationalism played in the struggle of enslaved Africans for their emancipation. It is an aspect of local history which remains underreported and underappreciated.

Granger defines ‘communitarianism’ as the fusion of the evangelical constitution of Congregationalism with the Church’s communal character. It refers to the social ministry of the Church which “…emphasizes the interactions among a community of people who share a common history or purpose and who live in a shared geographic space.”          Continue reading →


GUYANA: Arts on Sunday: In tribute to Ken Corsbie – By Al Creighton

ARTS ON SUNDAY- Stabroek NewsBy Al Creighton – August 30, 2020

Caribbean theatre began to experience very fundamental changes, formal developments, diversification, and other advancements from the end of the 1960s and through the 1970s. It is in that context that we are able to gauge the significant role of Guyanese theatre director, actor, writer, and administrator Ken Corsbie.

He has made a mark on Caribbean drama as a performer extraordinaire, and we take time to pay him tribute.        Continue reading →

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