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it's not an inconvenience, it's a gift!

nothing a good attitude and some headphones can't handle!

and so...the introvert who loves her solitude is locked in with the government teleworker who loves his speaker phone.  small house, one bathroom, and two very strong personalities. here we are!

thought i'd isolate in my office a bit here and drop you a note, check in, laugh a little, share a little, and squeeze your hand (at a correct social distance, of course) so tight that you might think it'd fall off. 

care to hang out a bit? 
let's visit!

okay, so for a little bit there, i gotta tell ya, i lost track of the gift of it all. i was feeling pretty grumbly and frustrated. but i had started to figure out that my frustration was adding as much as the fear to the world, and i needed to get a grip.  and i feel that i was. but if that feeling needed cementing, two different morning walks did just that for me. 

the first walk was a message from the rain.  i posted about it on my terri facebook page (feel free to come hang out with me there!) and so thought i'd cut and paste that post here -

ahhh this! THIS! -
opened my door to head out for a walk this morning. it was raining. i seriously considered turning back in. 'omgosh terri! how old have you gotten?!' i asked myself in alarm and pushed myself out the door. it didn't take long for the rain to stop. it took a whole lot longer for my brain to clear. but it finally cleared. and i began to listen. and as i got deeper into the listening, the rain started up again. gentle rain. that felt really soothing. and that's when the rain spoke - 'it's not an inconvenience, it's a gift.' .......... IT'S NOT AN INCONVENIENCE, IT'S A GIFT.
wow. i teared up. so me and the sky, we poured out some soothing water together as i found my way back home. and that message? well, slip it in to whatever you like - i have a feeling it fits a lotta places. good morning!

and the second walk, i blogged about. if you're curious, you can find that here.

i now fully remember that it is not only up to us to create the music of our lives - it is one heck of a gift to be able to! and  now, more than ever, we got some music that needs to be made! let's make some rockin' good stuff!

i'm thinking every single one of you thought of this long before i did! but just in case, thought i'd put it out here - headphones, headphones, headphones!

right now, as i type, i can look out my window at the spring coming in (that actually truly is happening) as i listen to beach sounds - complete with seagulls -  in my headphones!
and! as if that isn't enough good stuff, i have my deep breathing app going at the same time!

WHAT a world we live in! 
don't forget the headphones and all that apps can offer!

oddly enough, the quotes on the bone sigh arts home page (just below the blue banner) that change as you sit there and read them, have ended up being a source of comfort for me. i know. it's a bit odd. but it's true. and so, i got to thinking about it, and asked zakk if we could add some more quotes to it and maybe offer it as a little spot to go and regain some strength? he did and we are! if you're just in need of a little break, boost, or reminder, come on by and sit for awhile. who knows, it might feel good.

my sons have been adding to the beauty of the word, and i wanted to share!

josh works with seniors a lot and saw that they were feeling cooped up and scared. so gathering a little inspiration from FDR, he started his own fireside chats! if you're a little stir crazy, or know of someone who might like these, check them out! you can start with this one where he shares a recording of one of his senior friends, martha, who was a concert pianist, playing brahms at red rocks when she was 14! how cool is that?!

and noah has been capturing the beauty of spring with his camera! he's sharing it here for us all to enjoy! the world is a beautiful place, and noah sure knows how to catch the beauty! his work will make your heart sing!

and zakk! zakk. guys i just don't even know how to tell you about zakk. yes i do! check out his instagram page! he will inspire your creativity and make you feel like building something! you can find him here.

perfect time for these?

i have been using both my hope cards and my intention cards these days! i pick one from each set and see what they say together! it's been great fun and kinda nice when i'm in need of some direction.  i just popped up more pictures of both on my etsy shop if you want to see a little bit more of what they look like.  

and of course! i wanted to remind you that if you're feeling the need to journal or to catch up on some reading, you know we've got you covered! 

there are some up sides to all this - and getting some time to do some things that matter to us, is definitely one of them!

wherever you are right now, i hope that you are finding some peace and goodness around you. breathe deep, remember the gift of being here, and keep those headphones handy! i'll be thinking of you from over here!
waving your way!

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