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Book to Read

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big

Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert comics, talks about how he overcame numerous obstacles in his life and found a way to success.

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Apps & Services

Dropover ➔

Drag & drop anything across windows

Dropover is an elegant solution to the age-old problem of dragging and dropping files across windows. With this app, you can click, hold and shake any file to reveal a drop zone popup. Collect files by dragging them to the popup and drop them on the window of your choice. Only for macOS.
Circles for Zoom ➔

Turn full-screen Zoom video to hovering circles

This Zoom add-on lets you turn your full-screen video streams into hovering circles on the top of your screen. Like what Around does, Circles take up a small portion of your screen, enabling you to use your desktop or apps while video conferencing.
1Feed ➔

Create a feed from your favourite creators

1Feed takes the concept of RSS feeds to the next level. You can create a feed from various sources like websites, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit and more and then read them in a distraction-free manner. No more endless scrolling on social media or receiving algorithm-based content.

Taking the Shortcut



Quickly navigate to the notifications page on the Twitter web app.

Interesting Reads

How I Fixed My Personal Finances using Money Plans ➔

13 min read

Money plans are something I've been following for the last 8–9 months to improve my finances. In this article, I'll take you through the advantages of creating money plans and how to create and maintain one. To save time and effort, you can buy a Notion template to skip all the work of creating a money plan page and get started right away. Use this link to get a 30% discount on the price.
The Complete Guide to Planning Your Day ➔

22 min read

In this massive guide, the folks over at Todoist will walk you through a series of steps that you can use to plan your day productively. Learn how to break down your goals into achievable tasks, how to apply different productivity methods, and how to execute your plans.
Why I'm unreachable and you should be too ➔

7 min read

Pieter Levels is quite famous for his nomad lifestyle and bootstrapping methods. In this article, Pieter talks about why he makes himself unavailable over the internet and how it enables him to keep doing the work that matters.
Your Computer Isn't Yours ➔

18 min read

After a massive fiasco last year where many macOS users were unable to launch any apps due to a server issue, a security researcher named Jeffrey Paul found a hidden mechanism that Apple uses to track your usage on macOS. This is an excellent read on how Apple or anyone snooping in on your network can track your activity on a Mac.
Want to Become Mindful About Your Money? Try Kakeibo ➔

6 min read

Kakeibo is an old Japanese budgeting method that will help you be more mindful about your spending and create a savings plan according to your needs. This article goes hand-in-hand with this week's article on Money Plans but adds another element to the process — emotion.