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Many of us are feeling overwhelmed these days and therefore I consider it a privilege to be in your Inbox each week. Your time and attention are not something I take for granted, and I truly believe that the more we talk about our daily challenges, the better we feel emotionally and physically.

My weekly newsletter covers everything from what to do when you are having a bad day, to suggestions of how to discipline your kids, relationship advice, why food matters, and how your thoughts can change your whole biochemistry. There will also be a lot of stuff on habits, including addictions & cravings.

My content comes from the discussions that happen in my office and from my overall experience in therapy and coaching, as well as inspiring examples of personal peace and success that I see in our community (such as the de Luca family).

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My Newsletter and Blog can also be found on my website, so if you find yourself just too busy to read the posts during the week, you can catch up later.

I would love to hear your questions or comments by email or phone. I do take time to read your emails, and if not completely swamped – will respond the same day.

Stay well


Luella Jonk Therapy and Wellness

Registered Psychotherapist | Functional Medicine Candidate,
Manitoba R2M 0T5 Canada

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