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Hey, !

It's Kevin Kennedy from Product Design Online. I'm working on a lot more 3D printing content (using Fusion 360 of course). I've got some exciting ideas in the works...but that got me thinking... what projects are YOU working on?

Reply to this email and let me know what 3D printing projects you're currently working on - I'd love to know!

This will help me create more content aligned with your projects. Hopefully, that will help solve some of your biggest challenges.

Are PCBs your thing?
Designing Printed Circuit Boards is now available directly in Fusion 360

Three and a half years ago, Autodesk purchased an electronic design automation application called "Eagle." In recent months, Eagle was grouped as a package deal with the commercial purchase of Fusion 360.

But 2020 is starting with BIG NEWS!...drumroll, please...

Last week the Fusion 360 team released a huge update. The latest version of Fusion 360 includes the ability to design electronics directly in Fusion 360. That's right - You can now design circuit boards directly in Fusion 360 without the Eagle integration.

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Your Questions Answered
Why is my Fusion 360 Mirror command not working?
Why is My Mirror Command Not Working?

Learn what most Beginners do wrong when their mirror command isn't working.

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Center align text in Fusion 360
How Do I Center Align Text in Fusion 360?

Learn the alignment workaround used to center-align text in your projects.

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Keep an eye out for another email in 2 weeks!

Kevin Kennedy :)

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