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Iyar 'Ani Hashem Rofecha' 5780 Edition 45

Lechatchila Ariber! לכתחילה אריבער!

These are difficult times for Klal Yisrael in general, and specifically for Shidduchim, engagements, and weddings. One can say to just put things on hold until the situation gets better, but the Rebbe Maharash, who's birthday is today, taught us to keep moving forward! Adjusting to changing times, we hosted 2 Meet Shadchanim Online Events this month. Before Pesach an event was held in the USA, and on כ"ח Nissan a 2nd event was held in Israel. Together over 300 singles participated and had the opportunity to meet with more than 30 Shadchanim. Over 700 meetings took place! Make sure to follow us on Facebook to hear about our next events.

Another Successful Engagement following a Meet Shadchanim Event!!

Less than three months after our 1st Meet Shadchanim Event in Kfar Chabad, a couple has got engaged!  Malka Cohen set them up after meeting the Bochur at the event!

Igros Kodesh: Problems of Financial Matters in a Shidduch

Igros Kodesh Vol. VI, p. 61

In reply to your letter in which you write about the proposed shidduch, a shidduch which both you and the young man find to your mutual satisfaction, etc., the only real problem is with regard to financial matters, mainly on the part of the parents of the young man sheyichyeh.

In situations such as these, the proper approach is to find some individuals among his parents’ friends who are able to influence them.

This is particularly so, when simple logic dictates the absurdity of several thousand liros playing such a major role when it comes to something as crucial [as marriage], etc., which is termed “an eternal edifice.”

You do not mention in your letter where you desire to establish your residence — and there is a wide variance in the price of dwellings in different locations in Eretz Yisrael.

Possibly, establishing your dwelling in someplace other than the place you were originally thinking of will solve the above [financial] problem, or at least will diminish it.

Understandably, my intent [about another location] is [specifically] regarding a place where there dwell individuals who observe Torah and mitzvos, for this is something not subject to compromise.

Your dedication to the sacred work of educating Jewish children, especially in a Chabad school that is named after my father-in-law, the Rebbe and Nasi Yisrael — upon whose tziyun you will be mentioned [for blessing] — will surely stand you in good stead, that you be able to convey glad tidings with regard to all the above.

Porch Minyanim Lead to Shidduch

The porch minyanim taking place in numerous Chareidi neighborhoods around Israel and the US have led to women becoming more involved in communal prayer, as they can hear and see the men praying on nearby porches. In one case this led to an unusual shidduch between two young people from the same building.

The families reside in Bnei Brak’s Shikun Vizhnitz and are both prominent Vizhnitz families. Due to the Health Ministry restrictions on praying outdoors (which have since been eased), the families in the building arranged for a minyan to take place on their porches. At this point the mother of the Kallah saw the Chasan praying with intense concentration and fervor and decided that he could be a worthy shidduch for her daughter. She asked her brother to suggest the shidduch to the father of the Chasan and this week the engagement was celebrated without any need to leave the building. The two fathers met each other wearing gloves and drank a L’Chaim.

The Vizhnitz Rebbe then told the Chasan who is studying at the Vizhnitz Yeshiva in Bnei Brak that from the time of the engagement he should not live in his parents apartment which is in the same building as the Kallah but should rather go and live with his grandfather who lives a short distance away.

It is hoped that the wedding will be celebrated in a proper hall but if that is not possible, the venue would probably be the building where both families reside.

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