Book Recommendations

Book Recommendations

By Strength and Guile Book Series & The Pandora Experiment Series

Did you survive the holiday? Are you stuffed from eating and still cleaning up all the wrapping paper? Are you setting any New Year's resolutions? I have one for you.

One of my resolutions is to try to relax and read more. What better way then to start with the series by Jon & James Evans in collaboration with Paul Teague entitled By Strength and Guile. Incursion (Book 1) and Armada (Book 2) are available now ($3.99 each).

Plus Jonathan Yanez's best-selling Pandora Experiment series is available in one collection at 99 cents for a limited time!

By Strength and Guile Series

Incursion (Book 1) and Armada (Book 2) are available now ($3.99 each).

Can a ragtag squad unite to complete the mission at hand and save Earth from a conflict that could make the Deathless War look like a minor skirmish?

Click here to download Incursion Book 1

Click here to download Armada Book 2

They also FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Links to other countries are below.

Vengeance has returned to battle their old foe!

When a stable wormhole opens in Sol-controlled space, Vengeance and her crew wake from stasis to deal with the new threat.

Admiral Stansfield needs a team to investigate. The SBS has plenty of skilled operatives, but only Marine X is old enough to use the antiquated equipment they’ll need to complete the mission.

Redeployed from half a galaxy away, Ten just wants to get back to fighting the Deathless. He has unfinished business.

Stansfield is no fan of penal Marines, and Ten is pretty sure he’s hiding the truth about their mission. His teammates Conway, Kearney, Mason and Davies are still smarting over the loss of a comrade and aren’t welcoming either.

Can this ragtag squad unite to complete the mission at hand and save Earth from a conflict that could make the Deathless War look like a minor skirmish?

Incursion (Amazon US)
Incursion (Amazon UK)
Incursion (Amazon CA)
Incursion (Amazon AU)

Armada (By Strength and Guile Book 2)

Alone in the dark, can Vengeance hold out?

Vengeance is alone, lost in the depths of space and facing an implacable enemy.

Stansfield and his crew have fought off an assault that threatened to destroy their archaic ship, but now they face an even greater threat. As they make emergency repairs to Vengeance, the enemy unleashes a new, even more ferocious attack. Now the crew must fight for their lives once more, in a battle-damaged and out of date ship.

But there is a sliver of hope. The Admiralty has scrambled more support and the odds seem set to tip in favour of Charlie Team and their Royal Navy allies. Vengeance no longer stands alone.

Yet even on the brink of defeat, the Mechs are a dangerous enemy and not to be underestimated. When new foes arrive, Vengeance finds herself once more in a desperate struggle to survive.

Armada (Amazon US)
Armada (Amazon UK)
Armada (Amazon CA)
Armada (Amazon AU)

The Pandora Experiment Complete Series

Her city and her life were a flawless system.

But when Jordan is willing to seek the truth, a mystery presents itself on the highest of levels.

Is it too late to turn back to the way things were?

The last cities of mankind have a secret so dark it change everything Jordan once thought she knew.

Now if freedom is to be preserved, a concentrated effort by the strongest minds and forces are required.

Form unlikely alliances or die alone.

If you love the mystery in AG Riddle's Atlantis Gene, the thrill in Hugh Howey's Wool series or the adventure in Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games, then this one is for you.

Click now to start unraveling the mystery of the Pandora Experiment today!

This box set Includes:
Pandora Experiment Book 1 Thrive 
Pandora Experiment Book 2 Survive 
Pandora Experiment Book 3 Alive

The Pandora Experiment (Amazon US)
The Pandora Experiment (Amazon UK)
The Pandora Experiment (Amazon CA)
The Pandora Experiment (Amazon AU)

That's it for today, folks.
Have a wonderful and relaxing day.

Your friendly neighborhood writer,
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