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Issue 050
Advent: Anticipation of the Christ
Week 3, 2020 Anno Domini
Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?
Show us your steadfast love, O Lord, and grant us your salvation. ~Psalm 85
I distrust every idea that doesn’t seem obsolete and grotesque to my contemporaries. ~Nicolás Gómez Dávila

Artwork: "Safe in the Storm"  Artist: kevron2001

For this week's special edition virus update, we present the hard work of Frisby the Hand (with the help of other contributors) to give you some context for Rev. Fisk's "lead," which can be found below.

No added sugar
Clickbait Paradise

Neither the Pfizer nor Moderna vaccine are in the clear when it comes to the use of cell lines from aborted babies. The Charlotte Lozier Institute has been following these developments closely and has produced another very helpful table. While it seems the vaccines themselves are not necessarily based on the cell lines, some testing involved in the development of these drugs did involve the use of these cell lines. 

A specialist doctor pleaded with the Senate hearing to put his research to the test. Dr. Pierre Kory says he and his colleagues ran tests using Ivermectin, a drug used to treat parasitic infestations. His findings indicate that this drug is also very effective against Sars-CoV2. Dr. Kory said he is sick of the accusations that he's politicizing COVID treatments. Yes, the world has gone crazy. Investigating claims used to be called "science."

Wired has pointed out that the FDA's approval of Pfizer's vaccine could hamper further testing of it. “Any time there is any kind of preapproval access to a drug or vaccine, there’s always a concern that by providing that access we will reduce the population that’s willing to participate in clinical trials, delaying the research that is needed to fully understand how well it works."

Not an overreaction

The Huffington Post, among other outlets has reported the severe allergic reactions experienced by medical staff in the UK who were among the first to take the Pfizer vaccine. While allergic reactions can be triggered by any vaccine, officials in England advised that "any person with a history of anaphylaxis to a vaccine, medicine, or food should not receive the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine. A second dose should not be given to anyone who has experienced anaphylaxis following administration of the first dose of this vaccine." 

Lifesite news has reported a French disease control expert saying he's been shocked by the amount of adverse reactions to COVID vaccines.

Ura Soul, writing at Peakd, suggests that besides people with allergies, pregnant women should also avoid being vaccinated. He reasons that as the COVID vaccines are not 100% effective, upwards of 75% of a population would need to be vaccinated to achieve the desired "herd immunity." By his calculations, the amount of people who should avoid the vaccine is more than 30%. (Yes, that math did not inspire us either.) 

You could always identify as BIPOC

Cornell University has offered a vaccine exemption if you are a 'person of color.' (Translation, "only white students will need to be vaccinated.")

The idea is that due to the American past, some people of color might feel marginalized by being forced to take a vaccine right now.

While Cornell toes the Woke line, are they on to something? A huge article from Unlimited Hangout details the disconcerting relationship between Palantir Technologies, the US military, and public health. While Palantir has held military contracts, dating from the Iraq war, the company has been heavily involved in the race for a COVID vaccine.

"As the previously cited reports have detailed, Operation Warp Speed is being almost completely managed by the US military, along with the Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Agency (NSA), as opposed to civilian health agencies, which...are significantly less involved than in previous national-vaccination efforts and have even been barred from attending some Warp Speed meetings. The DHS, NSA, and the military all have multimillion-dollar contracts with Palantir."

The authors of this article detail how Palantir has emerged as the "public health police" with panopticon-style surveillance in the USA and UK. Particular concern is raised on behalf of minorities who don't want to participate in vaccination efforts. "Information warfare and economic coercion will likely be necessary to combat 'vaccine hesitancy' among these minority groups, rather than directly targeting the actual causes of this 'hesitancy,' namely, by addressing past instances of illegal medical experimentation on minorities by the US government."

Guess who feels marginalized now?

For a lighter topic of exemption, Jeff Minick writes about a friend who's doesn't wear a mask due to CS. Chances are, if you are reading this, you have CS too. In addition to the condition, Minick discusses the effect masks have on dehumanization, community, and individuality. As we all look forward to the eradication of coronavirus, let's also protect those who have CS.

Or move to Switzerland

Swiss regulators are being more cautious stating that emergency approval for vaccines is "not a legal option" in Switzerland. The country has low cases (perhaps linked to low testing, see below) but schools, restaurants, and other businesses remain open. One document states that because the health of the people is uppermost, vaccinating prematurely is not the answer.

Lockdowns are only for emergencies

A British doctor and member has reiterated the World Health Organization's stance on lockdowns, saying that they only recommend short lockdowns to regroup, but never as the sole means of containing the virus. If you've been following along, the signatories of The Great Barrington Declaration and others pointed this out earlier this year.

We need to talk about testing

It's safe to say that as the pandemic has gone on, the definition of what a COVID case "is" has changed. As the virus hit, the definition of a "case" was someone who was unwell enough to show up at a hospital with symptoms, prompting a test to confirm that coronavirus was present. 

With widespread testing rolled out globally, a "case" is now anyone who has tested positive, despite the fact that they may not be sick at all. On Twitter, the Fat Emperor (a cardio-health guru from Ireland) created this handy visualization, showing the differences between "rapid antigen testing" and the commonly used PCR

What the data increasingly shows is that PCR testing finds those who are infectious with COVID, but also those who are not. Fragments of old viruses are identified by PCR as a "case" of COVID, even though people in this case are not contagious, nor will they get sick. Could it be that more reported cases lead to more testing and more fear in a self-perpetuating mechanism?

The beautiful pandemic machine

Kary Mullis, the scientist who invented PCR testing, died in early August of 2019. A video of Dr. Mullis speaking about PCR testing and about Dr. Fauci (whom he had little respect for) has been doing the rounds, especially on conservative media. While Dr. Mullis didn't live to see the pandemic really take off, he had a lot to say about the limitations of the testing method he invented. We tracked down a very long article from UncoverDC written by Celia Farber. The piece covers a lot of ground on the subject of testing, the strange divide in science, and the pandemic simulation models that are driving so much of the government response. 

Dr. Mullis was an elusive and eccentric scientist who apparently had a clear-eyed view of what science is and what it does. Although he won a Nobel Prize for his research in 1993, he railed against the growing use of his invention for diagnosing infectious diseases. PCR played a big role in the "war on HIV." (ICYMI Dr. Koontz had a lot to say about this on A Brief History of Power podcast last week.) 

Mullis spoke about his newly found testing method in 1992, talking to Spin:

PCR made it easier to see that certain people are infected with HIV, and some of those people came down with symptoms of AIDS. But that doesn’t begin even to answer the question, ‘Does HIV cause it?'” 

But PCR does not produce a binary result. 

David Crowe, a scientist interviewed for the piece says, “What they do is they take some kind of a continuum and they arbitrarily say this point is the difference between positive and negative.” 

In other words, the level of sensitivity in the testing will determine whether a result is declared "positive" or "negative." 

If this is confusing you, it should. That's the point. The very methodology is unreliable according to the guy who created it.

"PCR for diagnosis is a big problem,” we learn. “When you have to amplify it these huge numbers of time, it’s going to generate massive amounts of false positives. Again, I’m skeptical that a PCR test is ever true.”

The latest from Lockdown Sceptics contains a great deal of helpful commentary. They have been following controversy  building around PCR testing in Germany. A paper critical of the test has come under fire, claiming the authors stand to profit if PCR is abandoned. (Shout out to Mad reader Hendrik for bringing our attention to the paper originally!) 

The Sceptics also highlight an episode from Austrian parliament this week where a glass of Coke returned a positive "lateral flow test." 

So don't believe the hype

Or at least take it with a grain of salt. Dr. Koontz shared this report with the Mad Discord and described it as the kind of "total integration" bad news that has been spread by mainstream media this year. Apart from the winter of discontent, economic crises, "climate refugees," and every natural disaster imaginable, an "unspecified mention of global hunger" is thrown in just to ramp up the fear-factor. 

The pandemic has definitely been silver-lined, as you may have heard Rev. Fisk say. It has been a wake up for many, and has exposed the agendas of the powerful more clearly than ever. (Great Reset, anyone?) As Dr. Koontz wrote, "If you aren't used to thinking for yourself, you'll have to start or be overwhelmed." 

Agitating for change

Rev. Fisk found an interesting blog post, outlining some of the subversive things you can do to change things politically, apart from voting. Here are a few:

  1. Vote with your pocketbook -- buy and sell the goods, services, stocks, and bonds that promote liberty, and boycott those that promote its violation. 
  2. Draft your own contracts, wills, prenuptial agreements, and property deeds. Even better if you can do this as a service for other people, but for that you will generally need to be a member of the appropriate legal guild. 
  3. Get involved in a lobbying group or political campaign where you can make a difference: usually a local campaign, but on rare occasions a national one.

The aim is to be less dependent on a single individual polity. 

Michael Schellenberger & Nuclear Power
by guest writer, James, the Arbiter

Michael Schellenberger, a recovering climate alarmist and rational counterweight to TIME magazine’s 2019 Person-of-the-Year, Greta Thunberg, draws on his decades of environmental activism to make an excellent case for nuclear power over, and against, so-called “green" renewables.

Schellenberger TEDx Presentation: Why renewables can’t save the planet.

Three of the arguments that Mr. Schellenberger makes are:

  1. Nuclear power is “green” due to its high energy density  which allows it to be more reliably consistent than renewables thereby reducing the need for fossil fuels to close the gap.
  2. Nuclear power plants require less land than renewables.
  3. Nuclear power is the only source of power where the dangerous byproducts are contained while having a small footprint.

Harnessing the atom to generate power is nothing new, going back over sixty years to June 27th, 1954, when the former USSR successfully integrated their new Obninsk nuclear power plant into their commercial power grid. In the 17,000 cumulative reactor-years since then, there have been three major accidents at civilian nuclear power plants. Many lessons have been learned and a few new methods are being explored: Small Modular Reactors and Molten Salt Reactors.

and finally, by lead writer, Rev. Jonathan Fisk
Burn All the Bibles

They should. If they don't, those of us who believe what it says will only become all the more dissident to their mythologies. 

It doesn't matter which one. It is the question you ask when you're not supposed to. It is whatever message from whichever authority that, this time, you do not obey on impulse. It is the hunger for righteousness that will not accept platitudes meant to strengthen my carnal flesh while the world around me burns with contempt and pride. 

The more you press a true Christian down, if he has his Bible, the more you empower your enemy to rise up and confront you with unassailable conviction, wisdom, and vigor. We're just too open minded to follow their lies, after willingly coming to grips with more far reaching and profound cosmic realities than the temporal safety of my belly.

So if they want us to take their magic pills and keep bowing in homage to the talking images, they will need to burn our Bibles. If they want their brainwashing to work on we, the independent thinkers, they will need to take away our foundation. None of the "The fear of Jesus Christ is the beginning of wisdom, but fools..." nonsense. 

Not to mention all that about

  1. consumer culture as economized greed;
  2. little white lies as damnable sins;
  3. property rights as the reason not to steal;
  4. marriage as the fruitful copulation of two human sexes;
  5. the rights of your neighbor as those worth killing for;
  6. the centrality of the Mono-Arche in the family home psycho-socio-system;
  7. a day without Bible verses being a damned bad day;
  8. the fact that the only thing you can really do about anything is pray; and
  9. the fact that the current ruling King, no matter how you cut it, is going to be royally pissed off about all the innocent blood-guilt the American experiment has brought upon the world via abortion.

So, after all of this (and "this" is only the icing), if you're not rushing out the door to burn your Bible, I hope to God next time you are wondering "what to do today" you consider opening and reading it. You can start with the Sons of Solomon or Daughters of Wisdom Psalms - you won't find anything better for these latter days of gray shades and invisible red lines. Check them out here, and then come back to arm your data with the best mined info on COVID and COVID Vaccines we can find for your Christmas 2020.

Book mark this email and return to it when you need to remind your friends and neighbors about a fact or research study.

    Until angel cry and trumpet sound,
    Rev. Fisk

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    Your Reaction Highlights

    And it just keeps coming. Help us data-mine and join in the conversation in the Mad Christian Discord. This week's short reads have been submitted anonymously.

    Dr. Wodarg and Dr. Yeadon requested a stop of all corona vaccination studies and the call for co-signing the petition is self-explanatory. It explains the phenomenon of increased danger from wild disease caused by coronavirus vaccines, as well as potential for sterilization in women, and higher risk of extreme allergic reactions to a chemical in the Pfizer mRNA vax. (Just remember that Trump signed the bill that funded this activity in the first place, even if it was Gates' idea...)

    Eleven-year-olds should soon be able to “agree” to a vaccination without the knowledge of their parents. Municipal law intended to allow 11-year-olds to get vaccinated for anything behind parents' backs. I hope one part of the fallout of 2020 is a mass-rejection of vaccines in general. Tons of people are now anti-covid-vax, but still pro-all-other-vax. I was probably at that point in, say, February/March, but I have a really hard time truly separating the two categories after seeing a lot more material, and just thinking about the concept itself, and the way the entire paradigm of vaccination has developed and what it hopes for the future. It's not medicine, that is, the practice of a good physician. Just more technocratic sorcery, a statistical pragmatic sociological/physiological engineering project.

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