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May 31, 2019 - Issue #87

Project News

Edulinc Teacher Showcase
Are you using Edulinc to teach a blended LINC class? Do you use Edulinc to support PBLA? Would you like to show other LINC instructors how Edulinc helps your teaching? Are you interested in sharing you enthusiasm for Edulinc at either the 2019 ATESL or TESL Ontario annual conferences? Would you like financial support to attend one of these conferences? If you answered yes to all of these questions, we may be able to help you attend a conference and would like to hear from you. Please complete this form by June 15 if you are interested.

New on Edulinc: CLB 3/4 PBLA-compatible Module
Developed by the Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks and ready for piloting on Edulinc, "At the Walk-in Clinic" is a blended module for CLB 3 and 4 learners that includes online activities and classroom-based assessment tasks and activities.This module can be previewed on Edulinc by clicking here and using pbla as the enrolment key. (You will also need to log into Edulinc.)  If you would like this module added to your course, ask your mentor.

New on Edulinc: CLB 5/6 PBLA-compatible Module
Developed by the Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks and ready for piloting on Edulinc, "Avoiding Scams and Fraud" is a blended module for CLB 5 and 6 learners that includes online activities and classroom-based assessment tasks and activities.This module can be previewed on Edulinc by clicking here and using pbla as the enrolment key. (You will also need to log into Edulinc.)  If you would like this module added to your course, ask your mentor.

Learning Technology Innovation in the Settlement Language Training Sector Webinar
On May 30th LearnIT2teach presented a Tutela webinar for TESL Ontario members. The topic was Learning Technology Innovation in the Settlement Language Training Sector. If you are interested in a repeat for the LINC professionals in your organization, be in touch with LearnIT2teach Manager for Communications and Administration Rob McBride”

Web News

Vancouver Community College promotes mlearning as an alternative for students hoping to learn English
For more than 50 years, Vancouver Community College has been a leader in helping immigrants establish careers in Canada. During the past school year, it has taken another step in that direction by offering the delivery of educational programs via cellular phone. Also known as “mlearning”, a two-year pilot program began in November in partnership with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada as an alternative to traditional classroom education. ...

Your Next Tutor May be a Digital Voice Assistant
Alexa and Siri are some of the names you’ll find in classrooms today, but they’re not students. They are the digital voice assistants from Amazon and Apple. Even Google is present in the classroom with Google Assistant. Teachers and students have a helper that is always ready to assist. ... What if, however, these digital voice assistants were designed to work exclusively in an educational environment? Could artificial intelligence support learning by serving as a personal tutor? Innovative edtech startups are already working on the answers. ...

AI Is Everywhere. Now It Wants to Teach You Chinese
Artificial intelligence is well on its way to becoming a ubiquitous element in virtually all software systems. The once novel technology behind chess- and gameshow-playing computers is all but commonplace today; it’s in everything from medical diagnostic applications to Gmail spam filters—and as some high school and college students are finding out, a new generation of online tools for foreign language learning. ... The company’s next target: English.

What’s Microsoft’s vision for conversational AI? Computers that understand you
Today’s intelligent assistants are full of skills. They can check the weather, traffic and sports scores. They can play music, translate words and send text messages. They can even do math, tell jokes and read stories. But, when it comes to conversations that lead somewhere grander, the wheels fall off. ... The next generation of intelligent assistant technologies from Microsoft will be able to do this by leveraging breakthroughs in conversational artificial intelligence and machine learning ...

8 Students, 1 Ancient Computer. Why Ontario Isn't Ready For E-Learning
... “E-learning has done great stuff for students across the province,” said Amal Qayum, who is also president of the Ontario Student Trustee Association. “But it’s designed for strong, independent learners. The majority of the student body will need extra support. If we’re looking to mandate it, we need to figure out all these logistics — how will wifi work? How will teachers play a part?” The reason for mandated e-learning, the Ministry of Education said, is because it is “critically important” students are comfortable, skilled and aware of technology heading into post-secondary education and the workforce. ...


Can technology help you lose an accent?
... By 2020, two billion people will be speaking English, the British Council forecasts. English is already spoken by some 1.75 billion people worldwide. It has become the de facto global language of business; however, speaking with a cut-glass accent is less ubiquitous, given many are not native speakers. And even native speakers feel judged over the way they speak: over a quarter of Brits feel they have encountered accent discrimination ... French ear, nose and throat doctor Alfred Tomatis discovered that each language has its own bandwidth; language schools like Sound Sense in Paris now use this method to help re-train busy French professionals to English frequencies using a device known as an electronic ear. ...

H5P’s new feature: Virtual Tour (360) 
As I read the notification that H5P had just released its Virtual Tour tool I was excited. … After creating a few Virtual Tour 360s, it can be concluded that each app (Virtual Tour and Google Tour Creator) each has its strengths. The greatest advantage Virtual Tour 360 includes is the ability to position questions on the virtual tour. This is a feature that is currently missing on the Google Tour Creator. On screen features of H5P’s Virtual 360 include. ...

 5 Ways AI Can be Applied in ELearning
 Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a mainstay in virtually all aspects of human life. And now, its presence is reinforcing education in the aspect of eLearning more than any other modern technology. Today, AI impacts the modern educational system in the areas of adaptive learning, virtual teachers and lecturers, customized digital learning interfaces, automated grading, and the automated plagiarism checking, as per report presented in this infographic. ...

5 Ways to Improve Online Course Completion Rates
When you first recruit students for your courses they are enthusiastic and committed. But over time that commitment wanes and some students end up dropping out without completing the course. How can you prevent drop outs and increase your online course completion rates? That might seem like an impossible question to answer. ... Still, there are some tried and tested methods you can use to improve completion rates for all your online courses. Here are some techniques you can try: 1. Make Lessons Shorter ...


Online ESL Teacher
BlingABC is an online English teaching company that provides English classes to Chinese children. We were funded by the education giant in China -- New Oriental Education and Technology Group, a listed company with 25 years history. ...

Online English Teacher
Welcome to UASK Education! If you are enthusiastic, self-motivated, enjoy working with ESL learners, and passionate about teaching language, our online teaching position is a perfect fit for you. ... The headquarter of UASK Education is located in Ottawa. ...

Professional Development

LearnIT2teach Annotated Bibliography New Resource: Evaluating normalisation: An argument-based approach
This article, drawing on the work of Prof. Stephen Bax in relation to the concept of “ normalisation” provides a very accessible description of the research process and results from a project conducted in blended learning courses at the University of Melbourne. The article will be of interest to second language instructors and curriculum developers in looking at how to achieve normalisation and as they work to effectively integrate technology and to answer the all-important question, “are we there yet?” Note: The article can be downloaded for a fee of $19.95 USD – well worth it!

Rethinking the Flexibility of Online Learning
Since its inception, online learning has been hailed as beneficial because it enables us to study anytime and anywhere. A new study by two Royal Roads University researchers, Shandell Houlden and George Veletsianos, casts doubt on this assumption. In fact, according to Houlden and Veletsianos, the flexibility associated with online learning may even be compromising student learning in some circumstances. ...

7 Tips For Creating Engaging Microlearning Videos For Your Online Course
Videos are an important part of some significant changes that allow online courses to better make use of all the features characteristic for this medium. How do you create training videos tailored to the microlearning paradigm? In this article, we will cover a number of tips that will help you do so ...

The Third Wave: the Next Generation of Distributed Learning Technology
Stephen Downes argues that we are entering a new generation of distributed web technologies that will change how we view the development and delivery of online learning. In a talk that blends some of the underlying themes from artificial intelligence, blockchain and cloud technologies Downes builds on his previous work developing network-based MOOCs to describe new types of content-addressable learning resources, new activity-driven models of assessment, consensus-based communities, and a model of learning based on identity, voice and opportunity....

e-Resource Corner
Find and customize one of the thousands of ready-made bingo cards, or create your own. Then print as many cards as you need. You can even play online using a computer, smartphone or tablet. It's fast and easy.

JeopardyLabs allows you to create a customized jeopardy template without PowerPoint. The games you make can be played online from anywhere in the world. Building your own jeopardy template is a piece of cake. Just use our simple editor to get your game up and running. Not interested in building your own jeopardy templates? Well that's cool too. You can browse other jeopardy templates created by other people. It doesn't get any better than this!

Crossword Labs
Crossword Labs is the simplest way to build, print, share and solve crossword puzzles online. It's free, fast and easy.

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