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I cannot believe a whole year has passed in what seems like a blink, but maybe that’s because we were SOOO busy. As I looked back in pictures, I realized we did quite a bit of traveling: 4 or 5 California destinations, Arizona, Utah 3X, Nevada 3X, Wyoming, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado. We celebrated a granddaughter’s high school graduation and a niece’s birth of twins, as well as saying goodbye to a nephew and several dear friends. As an author, it was an exciting year of box set collaborations, and as a contractor, it was a whole year of retirement for Paul. We’re both pretty happy with the arrangement. Plus, our son got married and our daughter got engaged—their romance author mother couldn’t be happier for them both. Love is always the best gift.

No one can predict what 2023 will bring, but I’m praying for peace in Ukraine, and an end to: inflation, Covid, and political discord. And for my persimmon tree to produce fruit. (I over fertilized it last year. Bad horticulturalist Deb.😉)

Please check out my guest blog at writer/editor/friend Nan Reinhardt’s blog: nanreinhardt.com. She asked me to contribute to her month-long talk about holiday traditions.

You know me, I had to talk about changing traditions. I found an old photo of one of my most memorable and unique Thanksgivings, and included the recipe below, which I traditionally make on Christmas Eve, but this year changed to Finnish Salmon Chowder.

As promised, here’s a deal you can’t pass up from my friend Kay Lyons. I love Kay’s warm and down-to-earth style of writing—and I just downloaded this book for FREE! I hope you will, too.

When a Las Vegas prank turns into an accidental and very legal marriage, Isabel Shipley is dead set on getting a discreet and hasty divorce. The last thing the struggling artist wants is to admit to her family she's screwed up—again—but Everett Drake's desire to give their marriage a chance proves hard to resist.

Billionaire Everett Drake is as surprised as Isabel to find himself married to a virtual stranger. But what's done is done and arranged marriages have succeeded with less than the chemistry he and Isabel share..Isabel checks all the boxes—minus her determination to divorce.

Can two people from two very different worlds find the common ground that will make a marriage work—or will they have to admit defeat and end their Vegas mistake?


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Have a safe and delightful New Year’s Eve! May the coming year be good to us all.

With joy and gratitude,


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