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Making lists and chcecking them twice
Are you ready for the festive onslaught?
I'm sorry to say it, but it's 10 weeks today to Christmas Day and less than 11 weeks to the end of the decade.

Yes, the end of a decade.

So, that should give us some focus on how quickly time passes. Before we hit the Roaring Twenties MKII, then I've got content ideas for you for both November and December as this is one time you'll probably want to get ahead.

Let's face it, Santa spends all year planning for one day. I think we can get on and plan out 11 weeks!
Ready for November

Busy month, lots to go at. Get your calendar out and start planning now. You'll be amazed just how quickly time will go and you'll be facing Christmas Eve before you know it.

Veg Pledge 2019 for Cancer Research UK


Mouth Cancer Action Month for the Mouth Cancer Foundation

Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

World Vegan Month from The Vegan Society

25 November to 10 December - 16 Days of Action Against Domestic Violence

4 to 10 November - International Stress Awareness Week

11 to 17 November - Alcohol Awareness Week

11 to 17 November - Sugar Awareness Week

11 to 15 November - Anti Bullying Week

18 to 24 November - Road Safety Week

25 November to 1 December - British Game Week

1st November - World Vegan Day

3rd November - National Sandwich Day

6th November - National Stress Awareness Day

7th November - International Stout Day

10th November - Remembrance Sunday

13th November - World Kindness Day

19th November - World Toilet Day

19th November - International Men's Day

21st November - Carers Rights Day

24th November - Stir Up Sunday

28th November - Thanksgiving (US)

29th November - Black Friday

30th November - St Andrew's Day

Last round up this year, and decade
December: definitely time to be talking Christmas

Probably not a surprise, but December has less activity to it, other than the whole Christmas thing. You need to decide which messages will resonate with your customers when they are in full-on festive planning and celebrating mode.

In some cases, something that's different to the many Christmas messages might have the potential to break through. If you know your customers, then you'll know what might have the best opportunity.

Decembeard for Bowel Cancer UK

20 December to 5 January - Festival of Winter Walks

9th to 15th December National Illumination Street Week

1st December World Aids Day

2nd December Cyber Monday

3rd December International Day of Persons with Disabilities

5th December World Soil Day

8th December Worldwide Candle Lighting

10th December Human Rights Day

13th December Christmas Jumper Day

26th December Thank You Note Day

Expand your audience
How not to work with bloggers

As we get into the final months of the year, you'll be looking at how to get your story out to as many people as possible. You might also start looking ahead to your plans for next year.

If you want to start working with bloggers, then have a read of my 10 tips of how not approach them if you want to avoid your email heading straight for the trash. 

Ready for orders?
Why independent retailers should be taking Chirstmas orders

This is a great article written by Charlie Turnbull on 18 reasons why independent food retailers should be taking Christmas orders. I think there are lessons beyond food, and it's worth a read. Are you taking orders in your business?

Are you distinctive?
Why your authentic story is probably not enough to stand out (and what to do about it)

Great challenge on the Paddy & Scott blog about why your authentic story isn't distinctive enough on its own to stand out in consumer's minds. Worth a read and some questioning of the story you tell.

Give the gift of sharing

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