That is how the positive drive for action, passion for the quality result and shared joy for the success of others feel like! More than 300 global Lithuanians from more than 30 countries, first, held three intensive working sessions where the high level international and local professionals, representatives of directly responsible public institutions developed action plans for exceptional talent attraction; and later in the day celebrated outstanding achievements rewarded at the Ceremony of Global Lithuanian Awards.

Forum of Global Lithuanian Professionals

It felt like good old World Lithuanian Economic Forum of 2013 when an impressive number of outstanding global personalities eagerly and sincerely engaged in the development of high-value projects for Lithuania. Nowadays, they are not only sharing their expertise, they are actually participating in the implementation of innovative projects. This time we chose for action three directions: the revival of Lithuanian regions from the economic and social point of view, boost of high-value-added business ideas and creation of international projects for scientific research. This time we gave the floor to everyone in order to get most of all. And this time we made sure the projects are communicated as wide as possible as promises for implementation. Photos and Promises on-line.

The three workshops of the Forum resulted in a number of action plans and people connections with the potential to generate actual projects. As for the revival of Lithuanian regions, the participants agreed on the necessity to enable local communities by joint efforts of City Alumni, GLL and Association of Lithuanian Municipalities as well as by the creation of the online platform for the successful community ideas to be shared and multiplied. As for the progress in business innovation, global professionals came up with the idea to establish an international fund for Lithuanian start-ups to be funded and incubated for international markets. As for the program for international scientific exchange, the participants suggested the idea of private-public partnership for long-term science funding.  


Forum of Global Lithuanian Professionals came into being thanks to our partners. Special thanks for contributions, support and communication go to:

The Forum of Global Professionals got weight and depth thanks to most amazing GLL friends - Clubs of Global Professionals Abroad: Lithuanian City of London Club, Lithuanian American Business Association in Los Angeles, Lithuanian Professionals in Copenhagen, Lithuanian Professionals in Oslo, Lithuanian Professionals in Stockholm, The Israel Lithuania Technology Hub, Washington DC Lithuanian Professionals, Lithuanian Business Association in Dubai, Lithuanian Business Association in Hong Kong and many more.

Ceremony of Global Lithuanian Awards

Vilnius Town-hall was just enough to host the growing community of GLA nominees and laureates, GLL members, partners and friends who got together for the celebration of exceptional talent and achievements of global Lithuanians sincerely working for Lithuania. Thanks to LRT, we were happy to have an opportunity to present to the wide public the amazing stories of almost 30 nominees, true representatives of informal diplomacy. The crowd was greeted and the laureates were awarded by President Dalia Grybauskaitė. Their stories in more detail can be found HERE. Watch the best moments of the ceremony HERE.

Laureates of GLA 2017 | Part 1

Investments to Lithuania - Tadas Vizgirda

Tadas Vizgirda, born and raised in Los Angeles, USA, has built his life and career in Lithuania since the early 1990s. The platform of American Chamber of Commerce has allowed Tadas to build tight connections between Lithuania and the USA. In 2014, he convinced the management of “Revel Systems“ to choose Lithuania for their European subsidiary, this year one more of his projects Harbortouch“  started its first operations outside the USA. Since the grand opening in May 2017, they have grown into the office of 64 talented and creative employees.

Global Experience for Lithuanian Business - Rūta Laukien

Rūta Laukien has lived in the USA since her studies. After her impressive career in investment banking on Wall Street and in Boston, she indulged in the project promoting Lithuanian artists and designers in the creative manner of a high-class restaurant  Liquid Art House”. Last year Rūta joined the program of Investment Ambassadors run by “Invest Lithuania” and GLL, and has been exceptionally active connecting the Agency with top managers of international biotech companies and assuring access to exclusive investment conferences.

Global Connectors for Change - Marius Jurgilas

Still at Connecticut University in the USA, Marius Jurgilas in cooperation with other Lithuanian researchers in Economics initiated the eight-year-old tradition of Annual Conference of Researchers in Economics which grew into a strong network of Lithuanian scientists around the world. His international experience in national banks of UK and Norway brought him to the Board of the Bank of Lithuania where he initiated a number of reforms of the financial sector, brought on board international researchers for the formulation of decisions of strategic importance, established firm cooperation with Vilnius University.

Lthuanian Ideas Go Global - Founders of TransferGo

“TransferGo“ represents the modern business of FinTech sector. It was founded by four classmates of Lancaster University Daumantas Dvilinskas, Justinas Lasevičius, Arnas Lukoševičius and Edvinas Šeršniovas while searching for cheaper and faster alternatives to regular (slow and expensive) bank transfers. Start-up grew into a solid platform of international payments, and in five years attracted about 13 million USD in investments, the most recent of which came this year from Swedish Board of Risk Capital Funds. This year, D. Dvilinskas was included among Forbes Top 30 under 30 in Finance in Europe.


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Global Lithuanian Leaders


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