February 2019 Update from Author Lynnette Bonner

My Life this Month...

This past month has been a flurry of activity as I worked long hours to finish up Beauty from Ashes. And I'm excited to share that it is now available! More on that below. 

The Seattle area has also experienced the worst snow storm we've had for many years, so that has been an adventure. :) I'm blessed to work from home (and homeschool my daughter!) and not have to get out and drive in it. 

This is a picture from my office window. 

New in the Wyldhaven Series...

Brand new in the Wyldhaven series, is book 3, Beauty from Ashes. This is Liora and Joe's story, and it was such a fun journey to take! I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

You can link through to buy both the eBook and the paperback from here: https://www.lynnettebonner.com/posts/bfa/

Liora Fontaine wants nothing more than to help mistreated women escape from brothel owner, John Hunt. She understands the desperation and manipulation that force many women into his employ. But when she rescues a young girl, she is shocked by Hunt’s ruthless reprisal. Now as she cowers in her cabin, hiding from Hunt’s men, who are determined to kill her, she can’t help but think how much this day is a picture of her whole life. Ashes. Nothing but ashes.

Deputy Joseph Rodante can’t believe Liora took on a mission so dangerous without asking for his help! He arrives at her cabin to make sure she’s safe just as Hunt’s men start shooting up the place. Now they are stuck together inside with a long night looming. The Wyldhaven gossips are going to have a heyday over that! The only way to fix this is to make Liora his wife. But the stubborn woman turns him down flat.

Despite her protests, Joe vows to protect her—no matter the cost.

And it just might cost both of them everything!

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From My Heart...

What I want to share this month is a reminder that God made you just the way He wanted you to be. He has plans for you, with all the uniqueness and strengths that He created in you. And He wants to use you just the way you are.

This doesn't mean that we don't have to fight our temptations and weaknesses. We all have those and must conquer our flesh. But even our weaknesses and hardships can be strength, because God's power is made perfect in our weakness. (1 Cor. 12:9) 

Psalm 139 tells us that we are all "fearfully and wonderfully made." Ephesians 2:10 tells us that God prepared works for us to do. 

I pray you can believe it. And will allow God to use you the way He longs to. Our world needs willing workers!

You Can Now Order Signed Paperbacks Directly from My Website...

If you would like to order signed paperbacks for yourself or a friend, please check out my page here: www.lynnettebonner.com/paperbacks.

They are slightly cheaper than paperbacks from other sites and I've tried to keep the shipping as low as possible. 

I haven't received my copies of Beauty from Ashes yet. I will get the website updated as soon as I have some copies to sell.

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