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December 2020 Newsletter

         As 2020 comes to an end, there are many emotions for me to process. I began 2020 the same way I do every year, by making a list of goals, things I wanted to accomplish for myself, both personally and professionally. When the world was derailed by the COVID-19 pandemic, it was easy to feel as if my year and my goals would be derailed as well. However, like most Americans and small businesses alike, I quickly learned to pivot. That meant changing my tactics, changing my timeline, or, in some cases, reassessing my priorities and changing the goals altogether. In the end, it has been a very fulfilling and productive year. Among other things, I was able to spend an extraordinary amount of time with my family, witnessing milestones with my children that I may have otherwise missed and enjoying quality time with my wife. I was able to recruit a colleague to join our office who I trust with delivering the quality of care I insist on for our HDD patients. I added staff members at HDD who have quickly fit in with the rest of the team. I read books that have helped me grow as a businessman and a citizen. That said, the year was not without stress. Navigating this new world of ours has been challenging as I try to make decisions that will keep my family as well as my team healthy, motivated, and thriving. Just recently, my family and I were designing our holiday card and we settled on one with a lyric from the hymn 'O Holy Night.' It reads: "A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices." I think the lyric is very appropriate for how I enter the New Year. 2020 has left me a little worn, yet optimistic, and I embrace the promise of better days ahead. I wish you all a blessed holiday season and good health and happiness in the New Year.

Dr. Jose A. Gil

Smile Project Update

Last year was the inauguration of HDD's Smile Project. We collected nominations for just over two months for people truly deserving of a total smile makeover.  On Valentine's Day, we selected one lucky winner, Junior, and Dr. Gil has been working to rehabilitate his smile over the last 10 months. Due to the COVID-19 shutdown, our timeline for his treatment is slightly more extended than anticipated, but he is still actively receiving treatment. Thus far, we have performed scaling and root planing (a deep cleaning) in all four quadrants of his mouth, we have placed a bridge to restore his front teeth, and he is scheduled to receive an implant to replace a missing tooth on the upper left. We will continue to update you on his progress and are looking forward to revealing his final result!

More Hygiene Appointments

Exciting news: we are adding one more hygienist to our team starting this week! Rachel comes to us with five years of experience having relocated from South Carolina with her husband, a physician. She will join Keri or Melissa on Mondays and Fridays, and, in the future, we will have all three hygienists in the office during another weekday, opening up more evening appointments for our patients. We know our hygiene schedule tends to be tough to break into and books well in advance so having Rachel on board should help to accommodate the demand. We are thrilled to welcome her to HDD!

Use It or Lose It

Many insurance plans follow the calendar year, and benefits renew on January 1st. If yours follows these parameters*, you have only this month to use up your 2020 benefits. Schedule any pending treatment you'd like to complete this year to avoid missing out on any potential coverage. Drs. Gil and Kuperavage try to make every effort to see patients quickly; but even their schedules will fill up fast this month, and some treatments require more than one visit to the office. Don't wait on scheduling your appointment, call today!


*While we do our best to help you research your dental insurance coverage, it is ultimately each patient's responsibility to know their own plan.

    Make a Plan for 2021

    As you consider your insurance coverage (or lack thereof) for the new year, remember to explore our Designs Club option. This program includes two exams, two cleanings, two fluoride treatments, and x-rays for $279/year ($245/year for children). Patients in the program also qualify for 15% off all dental services and special pricing on Zoom! whitening and products sold in the office. Anyone is welcome to sign up, and Karen, Emily, or Rachel will be happy to answer any questions over the phone or at your next visit.

    Happy Holidays

    No matter what holiday you are celebrating this month (even if you're just celebrating the end of 2020!), the Gil Family sends you warm wishes and hope for a bright tomorrow!

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