DataONE at the AGU

DataONE at the AGU ... and CNI

We're looking forward to seeing many of you at the AGU next week. I know that it's an extremely busy meeting with a full, high quality schedule, but if you are able to find time to join us at booth 510 for a chat, it would be great to see you.

To help with conference planning, I have listed DataONE affiliated presentations, sessions, posters and theatre events below. You can also find these on our website. Of particular interest is our DUG@AGU event "DataONE: Engaging Community for Sustainable Infrastructure" in the Exhibit Hall Theatre (booth 1018) on Wednesday 12th at 12.30 pm. This will be an opportunity for you to give us your thoughts on a community driven governance structure for the future of DataONE. If you're not headed to the AGU but will be at CNI, you can gives us your feedback during the session there.

DataONE at the CNI

Tue Dec 11th: 1300
DataONE: From DataNet Project to Engaged Global Community in the Contemporary Data Landscape

DataONE at the AGU

Attending the PA23F Poster Session?
Make a party of it and join us for the flashmob at 1430 starting at poster #2974. We also have an informal session of talks later in the afternoon and a dinner get together. 

Tue Dec 11th: 1340
Poster: Engaging the DataONE Community in Sustainability Planning and Execution to Enable Future Evolution and Use of the DataONE Cyberinfrastructure:

Tue Dec 11th: 1300
Paper: Facilitating and Improving Environmental Research Data Repository Interoperability

Tue Dec 11th: 1715
Paper: Growing an Interoperable Network of Trusted Repositories through DataONE

Wed Dec 12th: 0830
eLightening: DataONE on the web: Using and JSON-LD to enhance data search and access

Wed Dec 12th: 1024
eLightening: Make Data Count: Data as a First Class Research Output

Wed Dec 12th: 1230
Theatre Workshop: DataONE: Engaging Community for Sustainable Infrastructure

Wed Dec 12th: 1530
Theatre Workshop: Data Management 101: Best Practices

Thu Dec 13th: 0800
Poster: Data Management Skillbuilding Hub: Community Created Materials for Students and Educators

Thu Dec 13th: 0800
Poster: Using ontologies to operationalize Essential Biodiversity Variables

Thu Dec 13th: 1030
Theatre Workshop: Make Data Count

Fri Dec 14th: 1035
Paper: Make Data Count by Shifting the Culture of Data Publication and Citation through Reproducible Data Papers

Fri Dec 14th: 1355
Paper: Science, containerized: Integrating provenance and compute environments with the Whole Tale

Fri Dec 14th: 1340
Poster: Automating Metadata Evaluation at Research Repositories to Assess Discoverability, Interpretability, and Readiness for Reuse


Best Regards,
Amber Budden
Director for Community Engagement and Outreach, DataONE