GUYANA: ““We will not put up with this nonsense” – Granger to PPP” on YouTube


GUYANA: ““We will not put up with this nonsense” – Granger to PPP” on YouTube (HGP-TV)

APNU/AFC leaders and supporters protest the firings of over 500 civil servants by the new PPP government.

They call on Guyanese to join in solidarity with those affected by Regime’s action, especially with COVID-19 affecting employment.

They also criticised the handling of the COVID-19 epidemic since the PPP took office. Deaths have increased and now number 138. On August 02 there were only 21 deaths…


USA: Political and Medical Effect of COVID-19 – Updates – By Politico Nightly


November 13, 2010 – Politico Nightly

SHOOT ME NOW — Roughly 20 million people could be vaccinated against the coronavirus in December, the head of the Trump administration’s vaccine and drug accelerator said today.

Americans can expect that about 25 to 30 million people could be vaccinated each month afterward. That timeline depends on the Food and Drug Administration authorizing the emergency use of one or more vaccines.    Continue reading →


The View from Europe: Cruise lines facing a much-changed future – By David Jessop

  November 11, 2020 – By David Jessop

From Bridgetown’s Carlisle Bay to England’s south-west coastal town of Weymouth, cruise ships berthed offshore and out of service have become a familiar sight.

Their presence brings a daily reminder of the economic challenge that faces the Caribbean in a year that has seen visitor arrival numbers collapse, cruise ship calls all but cease, and revenues from tourism hugely diminished.

Since March 14, almost every cruise vessel that sails out of the US to the region has been under a ‘no sail’ order from the US authorities.  

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BOOK: The River Flows On Paperback – by Ivan Watson (Author)

BOOK: The River Flows On Paperback – by Ivan Watson (Author)

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/River-Flows-Ivan-Watson

The River Flows On is a story of two places-Guyana and Brooklyn, US. It sets out the tale of the main character, a young man born into a riverain family with a rich heritage, who is conflicted about his family and the river and delves into his relationships and actions that culminate into a downward spiral.

The struggle to survive in both places and a small part of the unheralded and oftentimes overlooked narrative of many Caribbean immigrants in their quest for a better life in the US are essential to the telling of this story.        

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US POLITICS: Trump’s Post-Election Tactics Put Him in Unsavory Company – NYT

Denying defeat, claiming fraud and using government machinery to reverse election results are the time-honored tools of dictators.

Photo: President Trump has shattered a bedrock democratic tradition by raising even the possibility that he would have to be forced from office .Credit…Doug Mills/The New York Times

By Andrew Higgins – New York Times – Nov. 11, 2020

MOSCOW — When the strongman ruler of Belarus declared an implausible landslide victory in an election in August, and had himself sworn in for a sixth term as president, the United States and other Western nations denounced what they said was brazen defiance of the voters’ will.

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