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Cultural Understanding and Sensitivity +

Participants emphasized the importance of cultural understanding and sensitivity when caring for patients from different backgrounds. They recognized the potential cultural shock experienced by patients coming to deliver in Montreal, understanding their fears and preferences regarding positioning and pain management and learning about the differences in practices between large hospitals and small communities. It also includes gaining insights into cultural beliefs, traditions, and the influences of Inuit culture on the birthing experience.

Knowledge and Education +

Some participants focused on the significance of acquiring knowledge and continuously learning to provide effective care. It involves understanding the experiences and needs of patients before they arrive at the examination or delivery room, gaining better insight into their history and specific requirements, and obtaining knowledge about cultural practices, traditions, and customs. It also highlights the importance of being aware of different perspectives on healthcare, pain management, and incorporating new techniques that can enhance patient well-being.

Patient-Centred Care and Respect +

Participants emphasized the importance of patient-centred care and respect for individual choices and beliefs. This is actively listening to patients' beliefs and cultural backgrounds to understand their motivations and preferences, showing respect for their choices and encouraging comfort care, taking the time to build relationships and treat them as guests, and reinforcing the belief in kindness and understanding towards people from different cultures, particularly those from the north.

Assistant Professor of Sociology +

Algoma University invites applications for a three-year contractually-limited term appointment in Sociology at the rank of Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology, at its Sault Ste. Marie campus.

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