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Why listening to your followers matters


Each week, when I send out this newsletter, I share the link to my latest post.

Additionally, I share some other tips you'd find useful.

But there's something I want to talk about today that will make a difference in the way you create content.

We all want readers. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But, how many of us actually listen to what our readers (or people in our niche) are saying?

Late last week, I came across this tweet on the concept of video content. It said and  I quote:

"I think I'm in the minority here, but I will almost never watch a video to learn something if there's a text-based counterpart. And if there isn't, I'll seek it out. Worst case scenario, I watch on mute with CC."

Setting aside the debate on video vs text, I focused on something more pertinent to my space.

The idea of adding subtitles or closed captioning.

To my mind, it made sense because there are times when I want to learn something via video, but I don't want the volume turned on, because it may disturb other people in the house.

So, when I created my latest video tutorial on YouTube, I took an extra 15 minutes to add closed captioning/subtitles to the video.

Now, that video doesn't have too many views/likes/comments (please go watch it ;) ) but something else very interesting happened.

One of my wonderful followers on Instagram sent me a message saying "Thank you! This makes such a difference. #Diversity for the win!"

Do you know why that comment meant the world? This follower is hearing-impaired! 

There's so much we take for granted (in life and otherwise), but I confess the idea of accessibility of video content had never struck me before. Because most of us can hear/see without any trouble, right?

But what a massive difference such a small tweak can make to another person. 

I confess I was so overwhelmed by this comment that I spent the rest of the day in contemplation and gratitude.

So my tip for you this week is to listen, truly listen, to your readers and followers.

It's tempting to create content like a machine week after week and there's nothing wrong with that by itself.

But ever so often, pause, listen, learn and apply what you hear in your niche.

It makes such a difference.

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