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solo upgrade

I´ve been playing a lot of acoustic viol in the past weeks, and keep going. I´m working on 2 repertoires for solo concerts, one acoustic and one electronic with loops.

I wish I could find a partner to go on stage, violists are rare or too far away, so I think of harp or guitar, still looking around who is available. This is naturally difficult because I need somebody who can improvise, and it seems the only improvisers one can find come with Jazz or Blues fixed habits, and are lost if you put back rhythm to where it belongs, i.e. as part of the whole, and not - as most consider - as the most important element in the music played. Not mentioning unsquare rhythms.

So I guess I´ll have to carry on solo and rely on loops for a while...

I bought the upgrade for Live Ableton 10 just before being cut off from the internet, and now that it´s back on, I discover that, unfortunately, it needs a 64 Bit system where mine was 32.

Why change a computer because technology has evolved? My soundcard is old but very good (RME Multiface bought in 2003!) and still works fine (24 bits). So I´ll keep using it for a while, and someday I´ll surely get something else. 

As I am lucky to have my village expert, he´s installed a new Win 10 in 64 Bit. He also told me I can expand the RAM to probably 16 but certainly 8 GB. So that´s the next investment coming.

I also finally scraped my old music notation software and got Finale.

So I´m looking forward to a busy weekend installing everything on the computer.

For musicians, this week´s chord progression is La Folia, a 3 beats rhythm, one chord per bar:

Dm  A  Dm  C  F  C  Dm  A

the scale is D minor Aeolian (D E F G A Bb C) but on the A you have to modulate C to a C#

There are countless version, Vivaldi, Marais, Salieri ... down to Vangelis for his 1492 Conquest of Paradise.

Here is with Jordi Savall, but the Petite Bande version is not bad either

Sorry I´m a bit short today, ´til next week then!

La Folia
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