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beds have a life of their own

Practicing domestic happiness I listened to Debussy's first Arabesque. Nice piano ballade, everything is there, the flair of the early twentieth century, and first perfumes of the 30s in the second movement, these ideas have been well-exploited since by jazz pianists.

a very pretty piece


and it gets better!

Internet is back, our house problems are settled for two years with a rent reduced by 40% - after more than a year of indecision. So, we won´t be moving yet, I prepare the two next winters at the wood fire ....

Macron style, I jupiterized a great program of domestic reforms, Aurélie wanted to have my grandfather's bed. it's now done, I made the official handover of a piece of furniture to the next generation and I'm very happy.

Hence the photo of 1964, with the said bed. We can only see the corner post on which my Uncle Jean is leaning, I´m waving from my Aunt Huguette´s knees, and my sister is on the right.

The reform program has two more piecerooms to complete. The main occupation being how to use plants and shelves as screens to avoid the glances of one of the 13 new neighbors of the new house which is more than 15 meters ...

So we will live another time at Animal Farm, with chickens and roosters, and a goat that eats my plants.

I made some shots with my cellphone but the quality is androidic.

here is already Biquette. Who eats my flowers

The chief cock is called Jean-François, he's a typical French, photo next time (maybe) ;

and then,

                          there is


I met him first, a tough but cool guy, but somehow the King of Mobbing, he can´t even get close to one chick, soon all the rooster run after him making faces and noises...

I guess for the same reasons, he´s banned from the poultry house, he must sleep in the rough, I see him each morning patrolling the yard, sometimes even nights

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Gilles Zimmermann

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