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Internship at Myant!

This month I started my internship at Myant! A nanotechnology company aimed at using textiles to gain information on biomarkers in the body and use that data for a variety of applications. At Myant I am specifically working on a startup called PhageBiome, in which we are leveraging biosensors and phage therapy to reinvent current therapeutics. Shout out to Matt and Milad for this amazing opportunity!

Curing Cancer and Diseases

This month I also created a start-up called Revive with Samarth, in which we are leveraging a lysine protein to eliminate the DNA and/or RNA of harmful cells, essentially curing all viral infections! I pitched our idea to a group of innovators and TKS mentors. You can check out our website below which includes our one-pager, presentation video, and article!

Meeting with Head of J & J Innovation

This month I also got a chance to hop on a call with Jennifer Hamilton, Head of Johnson & Johnson Innovation. We talked about mine and Samarth's nanotechnology start-up, Genis, and she gave us advice on next steps! She even introduced us to head of Frank Gu Labs! Thanks Jen!

Click Here For Revive Website!

Genis Landing Page Launched!

Its finally here! Genis's landing page has arrived along with our article and one-pager which includes information about our project and our experiment. Click the button below to get to the page!

Click Here for Landing Page!

Whats Next?

Next month, I will be starting to focus more into nano- indentation. This research is needed for Genis to identify where the electrons are in our field and if they are interacting with the DNA in a positive or negative manner. On the right is a picture of a simple indentation method which use's electrons to identify molecules!