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Sensual. Sexy. Intense. Passionate Fiction.

Here's a sneak peek into my writing process.

My stories have a way of popping up out of nowhere.

They are inspired by something that's happened in my life or maybe a movie I see or a question that is asked of me and a character wants to answer. I see my characters first before I hear them. I'm very visual which is why on social media I display a lot of art and I think my characters know that and appeal to what I can see of their story before beginning to tell me their story. I start to ask questions about them and what they want from me. What is it they'd like to share with the world and after a few things are clear to me, I start an outline. My outline is a living thing, constantly evolving, but the structure it provides helps me to keep pushing forward to end.


Music plays an integral part in my process. I love music. It inspires my stories greatly but I generally do not write to it. Mornings are when I drink my coffee and deal with emails, social media posts, and phone calls. During this time is when I play my music. Once I am done with those tasks and once my brew turns cool inside my mug, I stop the sound and start typing.

I aim to work on a chapter a day. And though I sometimes skip around to attack the chapter that matches my mood that day, I prefer to stick to linear writing if I can help it.

I hope you enjoyed that little sneak peek into my process! I'm currently hard at work on my next book and can't wait to start telling you more about it. 

What's Next?

The 2nd book in the Soulmates series, Deep in My Soul, will be my next release. I am excited to be working on this book and cannot wait to share more. 

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