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Cover Reveal - Mercerian Tales: The Call of Magic
What is Earth Magic?
Hayley's Voice from the Audiobooks
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Mercerian Tales: The Call of Magic Cover Reveal

The cover is finally finished for Mercerian Tales: The Call of Magic, and we are very happy with it. So much so that we have asked the designer to revise Mercerian Tales: Stories of the Past to have a similar look and feel.

Soon, I will be asking for your suggestions of which story you would like to see featured on the cover. Should it be Gerald and his adventures in Norland, or maybe Hayley and her fight with the beast? Carol really likes the idea of Anna and Tempus standing in front of the entrance to the hedge Maze from Uxley!

This week, please remember that you can still Pre-Order your copy of Mercerian Tales: The Call of Magic to ensure that on the stroke of midnight July 9, you will be able to learn what inspires a wild mage to travel to Shrewsdale!

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June 30, 2019, 11 am to 3 pm
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Earth Magic: What is it?

The world of Merceria is filled with many types of magic, but the one that takes centre stage in Mercerian Tales: The Call of Magic, is the magic of the earth. Whether it’s the magic of Albreda or the casting of Aldus Hearn, Earth Magic also plays an important role within the overall story arc of the Heir to the Crown series as well.

Earth magic generally deals with spells that affect animals, plants or the very earth itself. Albreda’s magic is more concerned with animals, whether it’s communicating with her wolf pack, or summoning creatures to aid in a fight. Aldus Hearn, on the other hand, primarily deals with plants, though he too, can work with animals when needed. The third type of spell, only briefly alluded to, is the manipulating earth itself. Albreda uses her magic to help dig a ditch for the defence of Bodden, for example. She also uses it in Shadow of the Crown, though I don’t want to put any spoilers in this article.

Albreda’s knowledge of magic will come more into play in Burden of the Crown, where her experience will allow the kingdoms use of magic to expand significantly. I won’t tell you more, other than to say that you should expect more activity from Aubrey as well.

Voices from the Audiobooks

Our friend, King's Ranger Hayley Chambers has a little Irish lilt to her voice in the audiobooks, making her very memorable. I hope you like her voice as much as I do!

Listen to Hayley's Voice

It’s been a busy week for me. I’ve been hard at work on Burden of the Crown, revisiting the characters from Merceria, but also doing some editing into the start of my new series, The Frozen Flame.

The two feel very different. Whereas the Crown series has a multitude of characters, The Frozen Flame has only two main characters, something which won’t change much in future books. Don’t get me wrong, there are many people they meet along their path, both good and bad, but ultimately, their tale is about just the two of them, Athgar and Natalia.

They come from two different worlds, and yet fate has thrown them together. Magic is much more prevalent in their stories, for they are both trained in the use of magic, a far cry from the mages of Merceria, and I must admit to having fun showing them utilizing their spells in inventive ways.

Their story continues after Ashes, and I’ve already started outlining more details for their second adventure together. On top of all this, we’ve received some excellent new book covers from our graphic artist, Christie Kramburger, and I get to do a book signing at the south Chapters store on this Sunday, 30 June. If you’re in London, Ontario, between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm, drop by and have a chat, it’s always nice to meet my readers.

Until next time,

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Check out these featured books that are free, discounted, or new releases. The authors are returning the favour by sharing my books with their readers.

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