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Issue 8- August 17, 2018

Issue 8- August 17, 2018

Hello Friends!

Welcome to this week's "The Cre8tive Life"-your weekly newsletter full of lifestyle tips, smiles, and cool things to check out!


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My weekly (random) compilation of some of my favorite "cre8tive" things that I want to share:

  • FAVORITE WORD: Adscititious


  • ADVICE: "A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions"~ Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr


  • MOOD MUSIC: Basically, all things Aretha Franklin have been my mood as of late. This woman and her voice, spirit, and talent were simply beyond... One of the greats. A legend in our hearts forever. Rest in musical peace, Queen of Soul.


  • SMILE OF THE WEEK: Been "in my feels" a bit lately (and, not in the Drake way- (believe it or not, I still have never heard the song in its entirety beyond the dance videos)); and this little boy brings a little spark of joy every time I WATCH THIS VIDEO


  • DIY PROJECT FUN: A little something cool to try when you find yourself with an extra Treviso radicchio (or other leafy vegetable), and also want some NEW BEAUTIFUL STATIONERY


  • RANDOM LIFE TIP: If your laptop is overheating, you can put it on top of a cardboard drink holder to let it air out and keep cool.


  • THING I WANT TO TRY: So, I don't know how to swim...but, I have always wanted to do some version of scuba diving, and see what is "under the sea." I totally LOVE the idea of being this "B.O.S.S." (Shout out to my friend Uri for telling me about this)


As I shared a bit in my newsletter from last week, I have recently started a new full-time work project that has been taking up a lot more of my time. The journey thus far has been quite interesting-especially, because we are in a "ramp up mode" to launch something new that will lend itself into being very fluid, and will be very dependent upon end users that are currently non-existent. As we are laying out our process and foundation, we have been also going through an intensified training of level setting and team building to ensure that we are all "putting our best foot forward" into creating something solid. And, while I have had and worked with many other projects and jobs over the years, the level of pre-training that has come with this one has been one of the most involved as of yet. The company is laser focused on creating culture, brand, and standards; and, it has truly been illustrated from all angles within the organization-and, is fascinating to see and experience.

In one of our training sessions, the philosophy of "Energy Leadership" was introduced, and it has been quite riveting and thought provoking for me. The whole concept is loosely centered around how you "show up" in the world, and the different viewing points, or energy, in which you approach situations, people, and life in general. Not to go into too much detail here, but there are essentially 7 defined levels and various feelings that respectively resonate with them. They basically operate as a check point or thermometer in how you are perceiving something (or, even being perceived) and the energy that you are giving off with it. It causes you to do a lot of introspective work, and to REALLY think about the lenses in which you see things within your life, and what your typical "go to" energy level is. While the ultimate goal is to reach a level 7; it is not easily achieved as a livable state (because of, "life"). But, it is the thing to be continuously striving for. Most people to tend to float around in different levels, pending various things; but, upon deeper self analysis, you may find that you "swim" in one level the majority of the time as your comfort zone. The overarching objective in this learning, or self awareness, is to aim to "level up" from where you are (especially if you find that you "live" in a low-level state) to shift your energy into a better space for you to show up as the optimal version of yourself.  As we did our group exercises this week, we had to write down various thoughts that we have about life and/or specific instances. And, as I participated deeper in this experience, and did deeper reflection on some things in my life, I discovered that I had many areas to improve and "level up" on. It became like an "A-ha!" awareness of seeing some of my repetitive patterns that I "hold onto" that hold me back from achieving my true potential of greatness. It has been truly mind blowing. 


Presently in your life, is there an "energy" that you are consistently bringing to a certain situation that you are not happy with? Is there a better way for you to "show up" and to maybe create a better environment, as well as present a better version of yourself? I challenge you to think about steps you can take into "shifting your energy" this week!



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