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Looking for book reviewers, as always!

This is pretty much a perpetual problem

I tried to sign Butterfly Chaos up for a BookBub promo, but alas it was turned down. I don't know if it was because it didn't have enough reviews or if the BookBub promo was full, or what. Anyway, the reviews we can remedy.

If any of you have read Butterfly Chaos, please take a minute to go here and write a little review -- good, bad, or indifferent, all are fine.

Oh hey, if you're on BookBub, give me a follow. I'm still trying to figure all this stuff out ....

I need a few more reviews for my gardening books. If any of you have read these, skip over here, choose the book you've read, and leave a review.

If you've already left a review, take a screenshot or grab a link to it, then email me at rosefiend@gmail.com and tell me! Just for being helpful, I'll send you a free book, anything you like (except for the Courageous Women book, as my publisher does not give out free copies), which you can review if you like -- and if you do, I'll give you ANOTHER free book ... see how that works?


Rose to the Occasion will be FREE on Monday, Dec. 18

This free promo for Rose to the Occasion will run from Monday, December 18 to Wednesday, December 20. Grab a free book. Grab two! Heck, I don't mind, they're free!

I've worked 25 years in horticulture and cared for over 300 roses in a public rose garden when I was municipal horticulturist. I found ways to keep rose gardening fussbudgetry to a minimum while growing vigorous roses that bloomed their heads off. Rose to the Occasion: An Easy-Growing Guide to Rose Gardening shares tricks and shortcuts that rosarians use, plus simple ways you can keep up with your to-do list in the rose garden.

Gardeners of all skill levels will find this book helpful, whether they be beginning gardeners or old rosarians, whether they have a green thumb or a brown thumb.

On the blog

Me ... and tornadoes

In Butterfly Chaos and my other novel, What You Can’t Take Back, I have some big tornadoes tearing through my hometown in northwest Missouri. I used to be super-scared of tornadoes and thunderstorms, but now I love them.

The kicker is, I’ve never seen a tornado, even though I was actually outside in a tornado during church camp....

A little excerpt from Wandering Stars

Thorn’s one of my favorite characters, to be honest. He’s the chieftain of the White Oak tribe, now leading them from their destroyed home to a new home. He comes across so well on the page — somewhat exasperated, ready to fight everyone and everything, but he’s a brokenhearted hero who only wants to honor the ones he loves....

This video is from a couple of years ago -- the first snowfall for some of my hens.


WHITE KNIGHTS by Julie Moffett (Book 1 -- White Knights Series)

Click HERE for buy links.

My name is Angel Sinclair. I’m the youngest senior at Excalibur Academy for the Technologically Gifted and Talented in Washington, DC. I was pushed ahead a year because of my high IQ and considerable prowess behind the keyboard, making me an outcast even among my own peers.

I’ve been looking for my dad all my life. A brilliant mathematician and cryptographer, he disappeared under mysterious circumstances when I was eighteen months old. Although my mom tells me I must put him in my past, it only makes me more determined to find out what happened to him. When weird accidents start happening at my school and the vice principal is involved in a deadly incident, I don’t see it as a coincidence. After launching my own investigation, with the aid of an unexpected set of allies calling themselves the White Knights, I discover a threat far greater than I ever could have imagined.

 I could take my discoveries to the authorities, but my own investigative methods would be at risk. Can anyone say hacking? No, it’s up to me to set things right. My objectives are straightforward: clear the name of the vice principal, learn the truth about my father, and stay alive. In other words, save the day and try not to look too much like a dork while doing it.

Julie's website: www.juliemoffett.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/julie_moffett/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JMoffettAuthor

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The Water Series by Emory Gayle

The Water Series is the perfect combination of suspense, mystery, humor, action, and romance. Its gripping tale of love and danger, combined with a terrifically detailed world below the waves, will have readers breathless and begging for more. Don't miss you on this MUST HAVE series. Get yours now!

Water: Book One

Mer: Book Two

Siren: Book Three

What would you do if you were forced to face your darkest fears and open yourself up to something you never imagined possible?

This is the situation that Cora Reed finds herself in the summer she heads to Camp Crystal. There she is forced to face her phobia of water, coming face to face with the night her world was shattered and water filled her nightmares. But strangely, the scariest thing for her isn’t the thought of swimming, it’s Darrien. Not just because he’s determined to get her into the water, but because there is a connection to him that terrifies and excites her at the same time. But, Darrien is hiding something and Cora is determined to find out what. After watching it tear her family apart, Cora has sworn she would never fall in love. Will Darrien be the one to make her break that promise?


Perennials book!


Lawn care book!

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