New videos and articles to help you improve your table tennis skills
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Here are my latest table tennis videos and articles. Tips this issue on how to read the amount of spin, how to generate backhand power and a super easy backhand flick technique. I also have a guide to buying a table tennis robot, updated for 2020. Plus a review of a new Bribar table tennis bat.


New videos & articles
How to read the amount of spin

In this video, pro coach Mark Mitchell explains how to read the amount of spin when playing table tennis. Most players are able to see when an opponent plays a push or topspin stroke. But do you know how much spin your opponent is actually putting on the ball? Mark explains how to read heavy backspin, light backspin and float. He also explains how to read heavy topspin, medium topspin and light topspin.

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How to get more backhand power

In this video, top coach Craig Bryant, explains how to get more power with your backhand attacks. Most players find it easy to generate power with their forehand, but with the right technique it is possible to get lots of power with your backhand too. Craig demonstrates his powerful backhand attacks and explains the technique, timing, type of contact, ball placement and how to practice.

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Super easy backhand flick technique

In this video, I explain a simple technique for doing a backhand flick. This technique is easy to learn and surprisingly effective at amateur level table tennis. This technique will also set the foundations you need to develop a more advanced backhand flick technique in the future.

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Guide to buying a table tennis robot

I like table tennis robots. Not everyone does, but I think they can be very useful if you use them in the right way. In this blog post, I look at the different types of table tennis robots you can buy. I’ve split robots into three different categories: entry level robots, mid-range robots and top-of-the-range multi-spin robots. I also make recommendations on which table tennis robots I think are the best and give links to where you can buy.

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Review: Bribar Rally Bat – The best table tennis bat for under £25?

Shhhh…I have a little secret. Bribar Table Tennis have just released a new table tennis bat. It’s called the Bribar Rally table tennis bat. And the cost? A ridiculously low price of £24.99. This bat is aimed at beginners and social players looking for a decent quality but affordable bat. I have been testing it out over the past month and spoiler alert…it is quite possibly the best table tennis bat I have ever played with for under £25!

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Bribar Winning Loop
£29.99 £63.97
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Bribar Allround Professional
£54.99 £95.97
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Bribar Pro Offensive Light
£94.99 £144.99
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This ITTF approved 3* premium competition ball will be used at the World Veterans Championships in June 2020 and Bribar are delighted to offer special promotional prices running up to this major event…

£6.50 £11.98
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