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MUST-LISTEN! The New Winifred Adams Show, ...with a finger on the pulse! Only on C-SUITE RADIO. In the latest episode of the new Winifred Adams Show on the C-Suite Radio Network, Winifred sits down with :COMMANDER-Gould: for full-closure on leadership, his authorizations with the military, and why we find ourselves in martial law today. :Russell-Jay:Gould goes deep to explain the reason the citizens of the world do not yet know him as well as giving the secret behind the atomic clock! Listen-in to find out how :COMMANDER-Gould: was beaten physically for his knowledge and authority and why today, he is ready to step forward into the world theater and why that makes the bankers, politicians, and rogue militaries fearful of losing their post. In a game of fiction vs :fact: using quantum grammar, :COMMANDER-Gould: proved himself in 1999 when taking down the political party systems he refers to as 'fiction' and replaced it with a system that serves the people in :fact. The most compelling conversation to date, Winifred and :Russell-Jay: Gould explore his vast knowledge and position of authority with a new way for the citizens of the world, from government to banking. Subscribe to stay with 'a finger on the pulse,' with Winifred.


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