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BENEATH is my quarterly journal that will publish in all four seasons - I am choosing the word journal rather than newsletter intentionally. As I studied the meaning of journal, "a record of news and events of a personal nature; a diary" this felt right in that it would be very personal

So here goes, I hope you enjoy the creative journey with me...Onward


February 1  - March 3
Opening Night February 1 / 5 - 7PM
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CURRENTS and FLUX are two new Monterey Museum of Art exhibition spaces dedicated to recognizing the work of emerging and evolving California artists.
Currents exhibits a range of media, styles and genres, displaying selected artwork of one artist per exhibition. FLUX showcases smaller three-dimensional works of unique crafting and design.
Both of these engaging platforms serve the MMA’s mission of connecting people and art by providing a space for California artists to share their talents, cultures, and perspectives.
The new exhibits also enrich visitors’ experiences by inspiring involvement in the arts and providing fresh ideas and new trends in contemporary art. 
I am showing paintings from my bleached series at this MMA show.


I am Robust and Bold - I am Beautiful and Harsh
See me – Celebrate the truth I am 
Come in and look but honor my ranges of being 
Landscape change is swift – By time of day, by season, by year
Stay a while and look again tomorrow – Have you seen my backlight?
Take your time, but be curious I am harshly soft and perfectly parched
Do you see me? (For what I am)


Ken Linsteadt and I have collaborated on some very special houses and gardens together so when Ken discovered my paintings he kindly suggested I cover his studio walls with my paintings that were generated over 5 plus years. The show opened in October 2018 and will stay on the the walls of this beautiful Studio until summer 2019. Following the thrill of the opening night Ken opened the show to private events with individuals and also nights of food and drink with entire design teams. I will never forget these special nights and the feedback from people who have genuinely been moved by my art. I cannot ever fully express the gratitude I feel toward team KLA for this opportunity...


I am experimenting on a new Scorch Series that has been years in development to represent my vision - You will see more in this series throughout 2019.

Untitled 2019
48 x 48
Scorch Series
Acrylic / Thinning Agent / Oil Pastel


I ventured off to Japan in November 2018 and fully immersed myself in the design, the art and architecture. Sharing this with three wonderful friends was an experience I will not forget - I am inspired and recharged…Onward

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