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Greetings to our ‘regulars’ and a very warm welcome to new readers of the Last Chance Hotel newsletter.
March rolls in, and the first signs of the approach of Spring are all around. Snowdrops are fading and Cornish gardens are now awash with colour from camellias, magnolias, early rhododendrons, and daffodils, and rooks are to be seen winging their way back to their nesting sites with stout twigs in their beaks. Already the green leaves of the bluebells are pushing through the woodland floor, readying for the magnificent show of flowers in May. Spring is all about new growth, and new life, and for some lucky Last Chance Hotel pooches, it will mean a new start with a loving family; the final transformation from a life of uncertainty and fear to one filled with happiness, love and cuddles. The space they leave on their fosterer's sofa will be filled by another needy hound, soon enough!
Sadly, there is no escape from the heartbreak that rescue encounters on a regular basis. February may have been a short month, but it was nevertheless eventful, - unfortunately for the wrong reasons. The happy “waggy tail endings” were overshadowed by the unexpected loss of two dogs, both of whom had come in from the pound. Kane and Misty will not be forgotten, they touched the hearts of all who met them. Although they only had a short time with their caring fosterers, they knew kindness and love, before making their final journey to run with the hounds at Rainbow Bridge.
When Misty came in to us, she was in a terrible state, and we appealed for help with her vet fees. The response was both uplifting and humbling, and we are so grateful to all those people who took this little girl into their hearts. There are so many poor souls out there needing help, a safe place to lay their heads, medical attention for their ailments, and a kind, guiding hand. LCH is there for them, and our supporters are there for us. Thank you, from Team LCH and all the animals in our care.


New Arrivals

If only they could talk…..they would tell such sad stories. So many dogs in February, it is hard to choose which ones to feature here.

Ralph, a 4 year old handsome, if thin, Weimaraner cross, is now safely in foster. He has been handed from pillar to post, half a dozen owners, in the pound twice and abandoned in the street. His fosterer says “He is the sweetest, gentlest, loving little chap you could imagine.” Damon is a gorgeous Doberman, another sweet dog who loves everyone and everything, but he has neurological problems, and is deaf. This boy is in need of someone exceptional. Beautiful girls Leela and Mary; Leela has already found her forever sofa, and Mary, who sadly lost her owner, will no doubt be adopted very soon. Bambi, a brindle lurcher, was rescued from being PTS. She is painfully thin, and is undergoing veterinary treatment for a cough; LCH is doing everything possible to get her well. Marley, Milo, and Nessy also came under the care of LCH, and Duncan is a private rehome.

And on another note, three ponies are now in foster with us, and looking for their forever homes. Roscoe, Bryan Beau, and Maribou Louise are 17, 14, and 10 years old respectively.

If you would like to follow the progress of all the incomers, check out our Facebook page and website lastchancehotel.org. We now have a news section on the Home page; dogs are constantly being assessed in their foster homes and information changes regularly.

From Top Left, clockwise - Ralph, Damon, Mary, Bambi, Duncan and Marley

Still Waiting

Despite the best efforts of an adopter, and the willingness to give a dog a home, sometimes things just don't work out, or circumstances change, and the dog finds itself looking for another home. Bonnie is such a dog. She is a Sprocker, and like all Spaniels, has loads of energy. Her adopter’s health deteriorated and he had difficulty taking her out, so she is back in kennels and looking for another home. Bonnie is very strong willed and obsessed with her toys, so needs someone who understands this and is happy to leave her to it, but who is also very active and outdoorsy. She is also very loving, and enjoys being with people and having a cuddle when she’s in the mood.

If you think you, or someone you know, could be that special someone for Bonnie, please go to our website lastchancehotel.org or contact one of the team by email info@lastchancehotel.org

Happy Departures to New Homes

Fate intervened for lucky Iggy when a temporary fosterer stepped in for him whilst Sam was on a long transport run. Iggy, aka Larry Longshanks, wheedled his way into Cheryl’s heart, and now has his forever home! The whippet pair Bifta and Scrumpy have a new home together, and Jess blossomed under the care of her fosterer, and is staying put. Piper, the “accidental” rescued lurcher, now has a great home by the sea. Leela didn't spend very long on her fosterer’s sofa, she is already part of a loving new family. All very lucky pooches, and we wish them and their new families happy times ahead.

Did You Know?

“Sit Happens” is the great name for the dog socialisation and training club, held currently at Crofthandy Village Hall. The classes are held in blocks of six weeks, are free for fosterers of LCH dogs, and there is also a free puppy class. If you, or anyone you know, would benefit from training classes, Sarah would be happy to help you. Contact training@lastchancehotel.org or check out our Sit Happens page on Facebook.

There are now regular “Meet the Team” events, the first weekend of each month, at the Pets at Home branch of Pool, with goodies for sale and sometimes cake! Come and have a chat.

Fostering can be hard work, but it plays a vital part in the process of re homing. Without fosterers, it would be much more difficult to confidently assess a dog. They provide the all important home environment and rehabilitation process for the incomers. End of life fostering is the hardest of all, taking an old or terminally ill dog into your home and giving him or her love and comfort, lots of cuddles and contentment in their final days. LCH is lucky to have such special people in our foster network. If you are interested in fostering, please get in touch with us at info@lastchancehotel.org, or go to our website for more information.

A Fosterer's Tale

Here is a little look into the life of a fosterer. Sue Hartley has been fostering for LCH for some years, and has seen many dogs come and go, - and quite a few of them staying! Here is a lovely insight into why she fosters, in her own words……

“See this dog? He came to me in October, very scared. So scared that he felt the need to use his teeth to defend himself. Most rescues would have had him put to sleep. But not Last Chance Hotel. They took him in and gave him a second chance. Well, as you can see, his tail is now a blur as it is always wagging and he is a happy, loving little dog. You see, this is what Last Chance Hotel do. They take dogs who have been abused and give them that chance that other rescues won't. They work their asses off for dogs like Whizzy, who need to learn that not all humans are evil. That not all humans will hurt them. If it wasn't for the LCH team, Whizzy would be dead now. He wouldn't have had that chance to prove that he is a lovely, cuddly, playful boy underneath that tough exterior, -that exterior that he felt he had to display because humans had hurt him in the past. Thank you for all you do LCH. Whatever happens, whoever gives you grief about what you do, please don't ever give up. Don't give up on dogs like Whizzy, who can turn into happy dogs with tails that never stop wagging. There are Dog knows how many more Whizzys out there needing to be taught how beautiful life can be. This is why we do what we do. This is why we carry on. Thank you for reading xxxx"


Last Chance Hotel takes in dogs which, more often than not, require costly medical attention. Fundraising is crucial, and can take many forms, including coffee mornings, pub quiz nights, car boot sales as well as Dog Shows and larger outdoor events.

If you would like to help LCH with a fundraising event, please contact the team with your idea on 01209 281159 or email Louisa on louisa@lastchancehotel.org.

Thank You!

Canine Connection Kindness

A massive massive thank you to Jenny Jones, at Canine Connection who closed her shop at Holmbush, St Austell in early February.... and allowed a few of us animal charities to go in and empty the shelves. We came away with some fab stuff for the foster dogs. Thank you Jenny, from the bottom of our hearts, love from the mob at LCH.

Santa Paws at Pets at Home

Huge thanks to Support Adoption for Pets for the donation cheques received from both their Pool and Bodmin Pets at Home Stores as part of the Santa Paws Appeal. Also thank you to both stores for their continued support of Last Chance Hotel. Not forgetting Claudine, Sarah and Carla who attended the December information days in store on behalf of LCH to qualify us to receive the donations, thanks so much, ladies!

Martha's Birthday gift to us

A very special thank you to a very special little lady called Martha who celebrated her birthday recently and asked her friends to donate to her favourite charity in lieu of giving presents. A grand total of £80 was raised for Last Chance Hotel! Thank you Martha, you’re a star!

Amazonians Anonymous (Part II)

We have had some fantastic gifts arrive this month….beautiful hand knitted jumpers for the dogs, and a parcel of super slip leads and dog coats, and ‘nervous’ collars. Many people also responded to our plea for thunder coats from our Amazon Wishlist, which are such a help in calming nervous dogs. Thank you so much, you are all amazing! Recent inmate Boo is modelling a thunder coat and ‘nervous’ collar.


Heartfelt thanks to all those lovely peeps who responded to our special appeal for Misty, including Team Keisha, and many many more. Your generosity is truly appreciated, and reminds us how lucky we are to have such fantastic supporters.

Rainbow Bridge

Misty, a Westie cross, came in to rescue in early February. She had been described as ‘vile’ in the pound. Hardly surprising that she was snappy and difficult, because her fur was matted, stained with urine and excrement, and she couldn't see or hear clearly. This little girl touched the hearts of so many of you, she was a real trouper. After she was cleaned up and groomed, her demeanour changed completely, but she was still very unwell, with lung disease. It was a sad and difficult decision, but she was set free to go on her next adventure at Rainbow Bridge.

Kane was also a poundie, a boxer cross, and getting on in years at 9 years old. He had a lovely temperament, and was a quiet boy. But he became unwell, and slowly went downhill. It was clear that he would not recover, and was suffering, so on the advice of our vets he gently ambled off to the Rainbow Bridge.
We wish we could have known you longer, Misty and Kane.


Last Chancers Clarence and Glen also made their way to Rainbow Bridge in February, now sadly missed by their loving families.

Run free at the Bridge, you beautiful four.

The Last Chance Hotel Hub Shop

Many thanks and good luck for the future to Natasha Long, who has managed the Last Chance Hotel Hub Shop in Redruth since its opening in December last year, and is now moving on to pastures new. The Hub Shop is very active, and it’s business as usual, with lots of new and preloved goods on sale and hot drinks in exchange for a donation. Pop in for advice about animal related issues, and a browse around. The Hub Shop is situated at 83 Fore Street, Redruth, opposite Wilko’s, and open 10am - 4pm Monday to Saturday.

Volunteers to help man (or woman!) the shop are warmly welcomed, - just a couple of hours a week will help enormously. Please contact the shop on 01209 315547, or drop in for a chat.

Rescues Revisited 

This is what Last Chance Hotel is all about....... 


Handsome boy Billy has been with us now for seven months. He is a total loon with plenty of swoon. He is doing so well, loves to do his own thing, venturing far and wide on the dunes but always coming back to check in. 

He has plenty of friends who he hunts down for biscuits along the way. But remains terrified of big furries, especially golden retrievers! Thank you LCH for our special boy xxxx AJ

 I adopted Jelly Bean - now Jessie - about a year and a half ago and we're now best friends. I wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your work and amazing rescuing. Your team are fantastic. Jessie is an utterly wonderful dog, loving and sweet natured so well behaved. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her, and she with them. She was hard work for a few months, but she's now 100% my shadow, and I cannot imagine life without her.
Thank you for letting me adopt her, for saving her life and for everything you do for all the animals you work with. Here's a picture of her in her Christmas scarf this year - totally posing. Keep on with the good work. Best wishes EJ

 Mollie came to us on 1st May 2014. The Last Chance ladies rescued her from a puppy farm just over the border in Wales. Mollie was a complete nervous wreck, but nearly three years on she is the most loyal, loving and obedient dog you could ever wish for. She loves playing ball, going for walks, and holidays. JS


My hubby is so proud of how well Basil has come on. Thank you Selena and Last Chance Hotel for introducing this 'little fella' to us. JN

Happy Gotcha Day!

“Gotcha Day” is the name given to the day a lucky hound first came into his or her forever home. Here are a few tributes from February of that celebration of love.

A year ago today, a gorgeous bundle of fur with a huge (sometimes slobbery) smile wandered into our lives. We have been so lucky to have him join our family. He brings many heart warming and some hilarious moments to our lives. Thank you to his previous owners for discarding him to fend for himself, because it meant he could find his way to us (with the help of Last Chance Hotel). We have shared so many fantastic days out this year and look forward to creating loads more memories in the future. Happy Gotcha Day Bronson, we love you. VV

A year ago I brought home Eddie. He is so special to me and my family and friends, I don't know what I would do without him. He is my friend, he makes me laugh; some times he can be a naughty boy like taking socks out of the washing machine and going in people's bags and takes thing out, but I wouldn't be without him now. I love him loads. So thank you LCH for allowing me to bring him into my life, you do such an amazing job helping so many dogs. Xxxx JB

Happy Gotcha Day Deedee. Cliched as it sounds our family wouldn't be complete without her - affectionately known as our lovely lump , thank you LCH for bringing her into our lives
.... and yes, she really has grown that much! RH

Shay makes some new friends

I've decided that I love these things called "school holidays" cos this means mum doesn't go to work and takes me to lots of exciting new places. We tried a walk in the woods yesterday and I was a very, very good boy, so good that we went to a different one today. I've made lots of new friends recently and have found that bigger animals than me are not scary at all. I've even got new friends called horses and sit and wait calmly for strange ones to walk by and not try to run away. Mum keeps saying she's proud of me. Shay

Dates for your Diary

Sunday 12th March 2017 2pm-4pm

Fun Dog Show at Treloweth Community Hall, Moorfield Road, Pool TR15 3QB
15 classes with rosettes to third place, and trophy and rosette for Best in Show.

Come and have some fun, refreshments and cake!


Saturday and Sunday 13th & 14th May 2017
Meet the Team and Dog Show at Enys Garden Craft Fair, Mylor Bridge, Nr Falmouth. Please check LCH website nearer the days for confirmation of times and classes.


Sunday 4th June 2017 10am - 4pm
LCH Spring Fayre and Dog Show at Crofthandy Village Hall , Nr St Day. Please check LCH website nearer the day for confirmation of times and classes.

Everyone thinks they have the best dog.
And none of them are wrong.
W.R. Purche

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