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Biweekly Cybersecurity Newsletter - Dec 7th, 2016

Almost 600,000 at risk of identity theft after US Department of Housing and Urban Development data breach

Nearly 600,000 individuals were at risk of identity theft after the Department of Housing and Urban Development inadvertently made their personal information — including social security numbers and dates of birth — publicly available on its website. According to HUD, the data breach was the result of two separate incidents, one of which exposed the personal information of more than 425,000 public housing residents. Upon discovering the breach, HUD made the information private. As a result of the breaches, HUD is sending letters to the affected individuals and offering them one year of credit monitoring services from TransUnion


The P&L sheet of a professional cyber criminal

The traditional view of a lone hacker in a basement trying to get into your business is an outdated one. Cyber criminal gangs are effectively professional businesses, and so needs to be thought of as such. They have moved from being a start-up business into much more of a growth business and they’re starting to target certain industries. The modern way to think about cyber criminals, is through a P&L sheet as one would in any legitimate business. Check out how! 


The changing role of the CIO and boardroom in 2017

C-suite attitudes, have been focused too heavily on how to reach customers. Their agenda was very much around the go-to-market applications, i.e. how to reach customers, first through desktop and then through mobile and then through social and commercial media. Now there are more obstacles and one of those significant obstacles and challenges is how do you protect your infrastructure and your client data within that environment? As 2017 approaches a shift should be occurring in boardroom priorities. Of course its job is to drive profits, but this must be done in a secure way. Security is the name of the game. In terms of implementing a company-wide security strategy this task often falls to the CIO. How will their role change moving into 2017? 


Trusting the cleaner with the door keys: The risk of third parties to data

Third-party relationships provide important strategic business advantages but at the same time they also expose you to unpredictable and substantial risk.  There’s a high level of trust in third-party vendors, but increasing trust and dependence opens organizations up for cyber-security breaches. There is very little visibility or control over what they’re doing when connected to the company’s network. This combination of dependence, trust, and lack of control has created the ‘perfect storm’ for security breaches across companies of all sizes. If a hacker can compromise and pose as a legitimate vendor, they may have unfettered access to networks for weeks or even months; plenty of time to steal sensitive data or shut down critical systems. To enjoy the benefits of collaboration technology, companies need the right security measures in place and must include third parties in their security strategies and regular assessments.

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