2019 Forecasts for All Signs


November 2018 Update

Just a Quick Update

This is just a quick update, primarily to let you all know that our 2019 Astrological Forecasts for All Signs are now available. I don't do these forecasts every year, but when I do they seem to be extremely popular. And why not? Everyone knows their Sun sign, and everyone wants to know a little of what may be coming up in their life. Heck, even I read them.

Sun-sign forecasts of this type are obviously somewhat generic. At the same time, because they are based on transiting planetary aspects to your natal Sun, they do contain enough solid astrological information to be fairly accurate. The trick for both the astrologer writing the interpretation and the person reading it is to remember that there are many additional factors involved which can modify these basic trends. You can't read too much into just the natal Sun!

In any event, stop by the website and check out the forecast for your sign. And feel free to share them with friends, family, and on your social networks.

Also, if you're looking for a bit more than a Sun-sign forecast, we have a couple of different types of personal services. Our Personal Chart Reports offer an interpretation of your individual natal horoscope, but without the interaction with an actual astrologer. And our newest service is a Personal Astrological Interpretation, written by me specifically for you (no pre-written or computer-generated reports), along with the opportunity for you to ask specific questions and focus on areas that are of particular interest to you.

For more information on either of these services, please visit the website.



--- Ed


Ed Perrone

2019 Forecasts for All Signs

2019 Forecasts for all signs are now available! Check them out here!

Each forecast has sections on Love and Relationships, Health, Travel, Home/Domestic Life, Money/Job/Career, and more! All are written by Ed Perrone, founder/owner of MyAstrology.net and a long-time astrologer and astrological writer.

Also Available: Personal Chart Interpretations

You can now purchase personal astrological interpretations based on your individual natal horoscope and written specifically for you by MyAstrology.net founder/owner Ed Perrone.

Three types of interpretations are available: a natal chart interpretation, a six-month transit forecast, and a 12-month transit forecast. You can get more details about them at the website.

All of these interpretations are custom written by Ed for the client -- exactly the same as if you sat down with him for a face-to-face consultation. You will also have the opportunity to provide feedback and ask specific questions, both before and after you receive the interpretation.

For more information, or to order an interpretation, please visit the "Personal Services" page at MyAstrology.net, where you can read more about the various interpretations and also place your order.

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