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ICATOR'S Class Action Lawsuit

Saturday, March 27, 2021


Many of us felt from the start that this year would make a big difference in our activism and now that is starting to happen for us.  

In yesterday's newsletter, I revealed that the European cybertorture group, The International Coalition Against Electronic Torture and the Robotisation of Living Beings (ICATOR), due to the advocacy of its president, Melanie Vritschan, had found an attorney and is moving forward with a class action lawsuit for European TI's that will commence with a filing in the European Court of Human Rights.  And although the United States and other countries outside of Europe cannot be plaintiffs in this lawsuit, this development holds GREAT significance for our community.  

What this means for cybertorture victims in the United States and elsewhere is important in that the attorney's legal reasoning is basically that because these victims were harmed in those countries, their government is liable since it did not protect them. Simple. And if all goes well and the court finds in their favor, this will set a huge precedent that we can apply in the courts here in our own country!  It's a brilliant strategy.  

According to this line of reasoning, we do not  even have to prove that it is the government doing it to us, which has been one of the major impediments to our filing as a class.  With this attorney's approach, that point is moot.   

All we have to present is proof of harm - which many already have or can easily obtain - with alarming similarity from microwave weapon attacks and we have our case.   

We don't even have to argue about the existence and use of microwave and directed energy weapons because of the regular reporting about the US diplomats to Cuba and China for the past four years, being attacked with microwave and directed energy weapons.  And our government could be held responsible because they have repeatedly refused to protect us.  The FBI may be a very provable case in point. 

We no longer have to find ways to explain MKULTRA and all the advanced technologies that grew out from those horrendous experiments; attempts that have previously been labeled as delusional. All we have to do is claim that our injuries and harm are due to microwave or directed energy weapons attacks and we cannot be denied because these devices are now public knowledge.

Ladies and gentlemen, the way forward has now been paved in gold for us; a gift to this community.  

So now success in this class action by our European colleagues would set a great precedent and would probably mean a similar outcome for us, so we need to be ready to file our case right after a successful ruling in theirs.  

So, in case you haven't noticed, guys, our community has come quite far in our struggle for freedom and we are nearly at the finish line.  So let us support the Europeans in their lawsuit in whatever way we can. There will likely be a fundraiser soon for the attorney's $13,000 retainer fee. And as many as possible should file amicus briefs with the court in support of the lawsuit.  

However we can help, it would behoove us to do so because obviously success in this case will likely also mean success for us all!

This is our topic tonight for those of you with questions or comments. 


TOPIC: ICATOR'S Class Action Lawsuit

DATE:  Saturday, March 27, 2021

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