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Daily Happiness Journal #67
June 26th 2020

In this email:

  • Food for thought: Being right
  • Picture of the day: Reading by the Sea
  • Daily Funny: Growing an apple tree
  • Daily Happiness: Chair by the roadside
  • Daily Quote by Stephen Levine
  • Quote from The Creature Wars 1 / The House of the Morning Sun

    I hope this little email (posted Monday-Friday) will uplift and encourage you to see the good things all around you.

    Food for Thought

    Being right

    Have you ever thought why you want to be right all the time? Why is it so hard to accept our opinion as being wrong / incorrect? What's so great about being right? And why is it so scary to be wrong?

    How about the next time you feel the other person is wrong, you don't say it aloud. Try listening to the other person, opening your mind to the possibility that they might be right. When you don't unconsciously (or consciously) try to show the other person they are wrong, you open your mind to great experiences of learning. You expand your mind and can learn to look at things from many angles. 

    And funnily enough, when you give yourself permission to be wrong, you may see the truth in things much more clearly. Great minds are eager to learn, and you cannot learn if you think you already know it all.

    Picture of the day
    Write down the positive things in your day, and let them lift your spirits
    Happiness Journal / Reading by the Sea

    Walking by the sea I saw this girl sitting by the sea, reading something. The blue, green and turquoise colours were so delicate.

    Reading by the Sea -gifts
    Daily pictures as puzzles
    Daily Funny
    Growing an Apple Tree

    "Dad - if I plant these seeds, will they grow into apple trees?"

    "It will take a long time, but eventually, yes."

    "Wow. That's strange."


    "These are pear seeds."

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    Today's Happiness

    Chair by the roadside

    During my morning walk I like to walk around the old housing area next to us. Most of the houses are one-family houses, built from the beginning of the 20th century to present times. Pretty houses, gardens, narrow lanes - you can imagine how lovely it is. This morning I noticed this chair outside one of the old houses - it was placed on the roadside and did not look like anyone was going to throw it away. It looked like someone had put it there so that people might sit there and take a few moment's rest.

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    Daily Quote

    "Our addiction to always being right is a great block to the truth. It keeps us from the kind of openness that comes from confidence in our natural wisdom."

    - Stephen Levine

    Quote from Creature Wars 1 / The Death of a Vampire

    Two red, swollen bite marks on my neck stared back at me from the bathroom mirror. They looked deep, and they hurt like hell when I did what anyone would instinctively do – press them with my finger. I swore out loud, not caring if my voice carried through the thin walls to the ears of my ever complaining next door neighbour. She was an old lady who seemed to be disturbed by any and every noise she happened to hear in our building. And she grumbled a lot, as the old building’s soundproofing wasn’t up to modern standards.

    I swore again when the bite marks began to bleed at my touch. I knew I shouldn’t have left the balcony door open at night, but what else could I have done? We were in the middle of a heat wave and my little flat had no air conditioning. It was stifling in there. It was cosy enough in winter, but during a hot summer I had to sleep without a blanket even with the door open, if I wasn’t going to spend all night in a pool of sweat.

    I took some cotton wool, moistened it so it wouldn’t get stuck on the half-dried blood, and wiped the blood off.

    "These are huge! I just can’t believe the size of mosquitos these days…” I announced to the mirror while wiping my neck. Then something strange about my reflection made me stop.

    I stared at my hand in the mirror, bending even closer to see better. Then, suddenly fully awake, I realized I didn’t need the mirror to have a closer look.

    “What the hell?”

    A ring. Being left-handed, that’s the hand I had used to clean the blood away. That upraised hand now had a ring on the ring finger. A ring I had never seen before, and one that had definitely not been there the previous night when I went to bed. It was a golden ring with old-fashioned filigree swirls surrounding a dark red stone in the middle, a stone that had to be a ruby. A giant ruby.

    “What the actual hell?” I repeated, even louder.

    - Leena Maria / Creature Wars 1 / The Death of a Vampire / Chapter 3: Bitten

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