[ECS Announcement] October 16, 2020

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ECS virtual office hours will be weekly from Sunday 14:00-16:00. We encourage parents to drop by with questions or to chat.  Zoom Meeting info:


Meeting ID: 775 5890 7962           Passcode: 8KqqG5

In addition, the service points will be announced on ECS online as soon as possible. Parents can log in and sign up for the activities. Feel free to submit suggestions through ECS Help Desk .


ECS operates solely by parents volunteers and we are still in need of a volunteer to fill the positions of Fundraising. Please contact Publications or current board members if interested. List of responsibility with benefits of tuition waiver for one child (Board 100% waived, Staff 50% waived).



Academics Competition Volunteers

Most classes have completed the volunteers sign up. Please contact the room parents if your class has not done so. Please contact Academics for any questions.


Recitation Competition NEW

Recitation competition will be held on 12/13/2020. Recitation materials will be provided by the teacher. Parents are encouraged to help with the material selection and facilitate with practice.



Ms. Huang, AAPPL Coordinator, will be available this Sunday from 2-4pm via the Principal Room Zoom Meeting to answer the questions related to AAPPL registration, examinations and the Seal of Biliteracy.


School Team NEW

To celebrate Taiwan National Day, Washington Metropolitan Association of Chinese Schools (WMACS) organized the first Glorious October Culture Competition.  Although ECS did not place in the competition but valuable experiences were acquired. We would like to recognize the following students.

H1A Darren Kao/H2A Claire Chang/H2B Wesley Chang/H2A Clarissa Chen/H2A Victoria Din

World Journal 10/13/20 article



With an all virtual semester, the need to connect our families and children to ECS while sharing our Chinese culture has never been greater!   Join the new Fundraising Committee as we look to create virtual opportunities to help ECS bridge this challenging time.  Considering there are fewer options to earn service points, participation in the Fundraising Committee will qualify for your service points for the semester.  Our first effort will be on hosting a silent auction which will be very Chinese and very fun! All ideas and efforts welcome!


[Community] NEW

Over 20 teachers from ECS attended the Teacher Appreciation Ceremony held by Washington Metropolitan Association of Chinese Schools. World Journal 10/19/20 article .

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