Our Land, Our Stories teaching resource aims to better inform education curriculums

[Claudia Farhart, NITV]

A new teaching resource designed to embed First Nations histories and cultures within the Australian curriculum has been developed. 

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Campaign to free Aboriginal flag from copyright ramps up

[Katie Hill, 10 daily]

Olympian and former senator Nova Peris has joined a campaign against restrictions on the use of the Aboriginal flag, speaking to politicians in Canberra to raise awareness.

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Winner of 2019 Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students’ Moot Competition

by Andrew Bryan

The Bond University Law and International Relations student is weighing up her options after an impressive victory in the exclusive mooting competition at the Commonwealth Law Courts in Brisbane recently. 

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National Indigenous Music Awards induct Tiddas & Wilma Reading to Hall Of Fame

By Nick Price

The National Indigenous Music Awards will this weekend honour two iconic names in Indigenous music this weekend, with folk trio Tiddas and soul singer Wilma Reading inducted into the Hall Of Fame at Saturday's event under the stars at the iconic Darwin Amphitheatre.

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