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I'm on a roll with podcast episodes - that's simply because I've got a team helping me do it. I tried to do it with Dom when I first launched, given that he has all the equipment and studio to edit but could we find the right time and moments for outsourcing between us? Heck no. So I've gone pro.


Which means it's a weekly episode for a good for months coming (with a break for Christmas next week).


And this week's episode is one you'll want to make notes of: How to run a profitable and gentle business in 2021.


It specifically will help coaches, and other service based business owners.


But I also make the caveat that if you have a product based business that serves people from the heart this applies to you too - because a lot of the 'stuff' is about YOU, and how you are within your business.


There's action you need to take, too - it's not ALL mindset, but we often don't take that action unless we're in the right, mentally and physically, place to do so.

Listen to the episode here

You can quick reference with this image too which will out on my social media tomorrow:

Finally, you'll hear in the episode and show notes me refer to a masterclass.


I'll share more on that in a separate email tomorrow - but earmark the evening of 28th December as it's taking place in the middly muddly bit between Christmas and New Year, after we're back in Tiers I imagine (however they look by then) and will help you plan your own gentle and profitable business for 2021.


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