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Newsletter - August 2020

Hi! Holidays and Conferences!

I am writing this month's newsletter with reflection as to what I was doing this time last year in August & September? Two key themes come to mind. Holidays and technology conferences. With 2020 being the ‘unique’ year I, like the rest of the country it seems, have been on a ‘staycation’ to Devon and camping with the family. I have never seen the resort we stayed at so busy! Let’s hope the lack of international travel will be a well needed boost the local UK economy?

Conferences have been virtual and we're proudly pushing forward with organising ‘WinOps Lite’ in November, our first virtual conference. Prism are also proud sponsors of London DevOps and we have seen there is a great schedule of speakers lined up over the next few weeks and months. Please check the links below for more information.

On the theme of adapting to change, over the last month we have seen more of our clients gaining the confidence to interview, hire and on-board staff entirely remotely. To use a cliché now ‘the new norm’. We have seen also that our candidates are more willing and confident to look for new opportunities compared to last month. The Financial Times stated this week that “A new average of forecasts by City of London economists suggests that (UK) GDP is set to rise 14.3 per cent in the third quarter, reversing 55 per cent of the 20.4 per cent drop in output in the three months to June 30.” Some positive news to consider in relation to the employment and general economic UK market. I hope you are having/have had a great holiday time and are now poised and ready for September!



Team News
Meet the newest edition to the team: Barney!

Meet Barney, the three-month-old Shichi puppy, and Prism's newest team member!

When he's not sleeping, Barney loves to play with his hedgehog toy, bite fingers and eat apples with peanut butter. He hates the hoover! He's not allowed on walks yet as he's too little, but can't wait to chase the squirrels and meet new friends in the park. He often tries to show this excitement by escaping out of the house and running wild around the garden. 

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DevOps VIP of the month

Martyn Coupland

Senior Technical Consultant, Ensono

Hi Everyone! I’m Martyn, I’ve been in technology all of my working life, ever since leaving college, I’ve worked in various industries and worked in a number of roles from a Service Desk Analyst, programmer, Systems Engineer, Consultant, Architect and Senior Manager. I live in Hull, England with my wife and two boys.

Currently I am a Senior Azure Consultant with Ensono in the USA. I work with clients on their Microsoft Azure deployments, work on creative solutions to unleash the power of cloud for clients and speak to them about the adoption of DevOps.

I am also a DevOps Ambassador with the DevOps Institute. I work with the other ambassadors in the DevOps community to spread the word of what amazing things DevOps can do for your organisation.

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WinOps Lite 2020

WinOps Lite - 5th November 2020

Join us at WinOps Lite 2020, for an afternoon of (virtual) talks and sharing experiences about 'DevOps in a Windows World'.

Due to social distancing we are unable to meet in person for the conference this year so we've decided to offer a free event to keep us going until the 2021 conference.

About WinOps

The world’s only dedicated conference to 'DevOps in a Windows World'.

The conference is about discovering and sharing experiences of using products and tools within the Microsoft DevOps world such as: PowerShell, TeamCity, Octopus Deploy, Azure, Vagrant, Chocolatey, AppDynamics, ScriptRock, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Docker etc...

The speakers will be announced soon... watch this space!

Please note the website is being updated - visit again soon...

Click here to register
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With thanks to our 2020/2021 Sponsor: Octopus Deploy 


DevOps Recruitment - Martyn and Marcus discuss who stands out and what we're looking for.


Our DevOps VIP of the month Martyn Coupland and Marcus got together last month to discuss DevOps recruitment: how to present yourself best in the process as well as ways companies fall down in their processes of hiring into this area!

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Brief introduction to two monthly MeetUps we help organise...

WinOps London

The UK's first dedicated meetup and conference on 'Windows in a DevOps World'. In this group we will be exploring and sharing experiences of using products and tools within the Microsoft DevOps world such as: PowerShell, TeamCity, Octopus Deploy, Azure, Vagrant, Chocolatey, AppDynamics, ScriptRock, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Docker etc…

London DevOps

This group is a chance to meet fellow minded individuals, from people that have been doing DevOps for a long time to new starters! We will try to cover anything and everything about DevOps including Automation, Orchestration, Containers, Virtualisation, Service Discovery, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery...

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