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People are standing around all over the store, staring at shelves, wondering what the heck to get their friends for the holidays. They were too busy thinking about what they wanted, zoning out to Netflix specials or worrying about other holiday duties.

Not you! 

You zoom past all of them grabbing special gifts off the shelf or supplies to make something yourself. 

You're not sweating because you KNOW your people. 

You watched your family play. 

You listened to the problems they mentioned. 

You studied your neighbor's stories to learn what they love to do. 

YOU were so ready!

And THAT is how you will feel after this client research method I'm about to share with you. It's perfect for visual learners and thinkers. It just takes putting in the work to get to know your audience and then you'll SEE very clearly what they are interested in. 

Yes, it takes time.

Yes, it's kinda hard to get started.

Yes, it's going to help you connect with your audience on a much deeper level and create an experience that they will be totally drawn to.

Getting Started This Week

I created a video for you (adapted from my recent summit presentation) to explain all the different ways you can get to know your audience along with some tricks I use to get to know them visually (hello visual thinkers!)

Knowing Your People Video

*Mentioned in the video:

You can use the tracking tips below for collecting visual information about your audience. The main places you'll collect this information for later is:

  • Secret Pinterest boards
  • Notebooks
  • Folders on your computer
  • Instagram Saved Folders
  • On Your Wall
  • In a Canva Moodboard
Visual Audience Research

There are a few different ways to visually collect information about your audience:

  • Pinterest
    • Write down the names of your past clients/customers who actually buy from you or will, once you launch
    • Go to their Pinterest accounts
    • Look through their boards and start saving some of their pins in a board (it can be secret if you'd like) so you can see it all together
    • This is also really helpful for showing you what catches their attention
  • Instagram
    • Take a look at the profiles of your followers
    • Take note of the people they follow and the hashtags those people use in their posts (those are the hashtags your audience is following)
    • Look through those hashtags by clicking them and scrolling through the results
    • Look through the profiles of recommended people that come up (Image 1 below)
    • You can save each image by clicking the ribbon icon (Image 2 below)
    • Save them into folders by clicking the plus symbol (Images 3-5 below) Then you can reference those folders to get a visual feel for your audience
  • Magazines
    • Go to a local bookstore, Barnes & Noble or browse online magazine websites. Grab yourself a delicious warm beverage and plop down with some magazines
    • Find the magazines that cater to your audience. What kind of things do they like to do? Bake? Knit? Fix Cards? Run a Business? 
    • Now sure what magazines your audience likes? Ask them! Use Instagram story polls, email them, direct message them or put up a post on Facebook asking their opinion. People love to share about their favorite things.
    • Look through those magazines and notice the artwork in the editorial pieces as well as the ads
    • You can also buy the magazines, cut out the images and make a good old fashioned vision board with the pictures. Whip out those glue sticks ladies!!
  • Real World People Watching
    • Go to the places that your audience would love and walk around. For example, my audience generally loves farmers markets, city activities for families and local coffee shops (is that accurate??) lol 
    • I often go to my local healthy food grocery stores to see what the packaging looks like, what people are wearing, how they interact with products, etc.
    • I love people watching so this is a treat for me, but it's not everyone's jam (It is a great way to get the kids out of the house and still work though!!)
    • Take pictures on your phone of the products you see, the atmosphere of the stores/places or write out what you see in a little notebook (detective style!)
What are you looking for?

    When you're collecting visual information this is what you need to know before you get artwork for your business.

    1. What colors do they like?
    2. What feeling/mood are they collecting?
    3. Where do they feel comfortable?
    4. What is in their life? What does their lifestyle look like?
    5. What do they click the most?

    When you pair those answers with your other research about your business (pain points, marketing, competition, etc) You'll have the most amazing idea of what you want your visual presence to look like.

    Then you're ready to get some custom artwork that creates a space for your audience where they feel like they belong. When your audience feels like they belong, they will feel like you can help them. And that's perfect! Because you can!

Your Week 1 Action Step
    ACTION STEP: Follow the steps above to collect visual information about your audience and then use that information in your content.I love nerding out over visual boards so once you've collected stuff feel free to share it!
    And of course if you need any help making this research happen or translating this research into your content, I'm just a email away!
    I can't wait to see what you find out!
    Next week we'll chat about Design 101 and how you can make all of your illustrations and content look professional (the basics that designers learn but for the tech-challenged)

    Happy researching!!

    P.S. If you start collecting information on your audience and an amazing idea for illustrations pops into your head, go ahead and shoot those ideas over Mama! I'm happy to help you figure out how to make them a reality whether it's stock imagery I can recommend, Canva tips or custom illustrations just for you. I'm totally rooting for you!

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