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Medieval Musings: August  18, 2019

"It’s not just this book that is good, but the whole series up to now" 

In this week's Medieval Musings:
  • Vacation pics
  • Apologies for late newsletter
  • History of Meceria = Part IV
  • Work in Progress Update
  • Author Spotlight & Book Giveaways

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Fun on Vacation
My Apologies Once Again.

Unfortunately, we had to wait to return home to send out this week's newsletter, but it be back on schedule next week!

We had an amazing time on vacation and learned that getting into a hammock is much easier than getting out!

Now, we are looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow! 

History of Merceria: Part IV

Tewsbury and the Rush to the River

With the founding of Tewsbury in 524 MC, Merceria now had a heavily armed garrison able to respond quickly should the rebel forces of King Talburn choose to attack. Additional small settlements were established, extending the border to the river, but until the founding of Hawksburg, there were no towns of significant size north of Tewsbury.

When King Talrath issued a reward for his brother's head, adventurous sorts ventured north, in search of fame and fortune. Very few returned. By 550, they encountered armed resistance, significant enough that the king declared such enterprises to be stopped. The villages of Wickfield and Mattingly sprung up to support the garrisons that were stationed there, while Hawksburg was founded at the fork in the road where it splits to go to the two northern villages. It wasn’t until 602 that Hawksburg was granted Baronial status and a noble appointed to oversee its operation.

The fertile lands around Hawksburg were found to be ideal for breeding horses, critical to the new, cavalry heavy army of Merceria. Through selective breeding, the great Mercerian Chargers were bred, the largest horses in all the kingdoms, a tradition that extends to this day.

Work in Progress Update

This week we were on vacation, but I still fit in some story planning time. Between canoeing and kayaking, I managed to come up with a rough outline for a future short story concerning the dwarf smith, Herdwin.

Here is where I have to admit the idea sprung out of my playing Minecraft, which is a game based upon building and mining, two things Dwarves are famous for! I will, however, be putting Herdwin's story on the back burner for now, as I have quite a few projects on the go. Perhaps I will start writing it after I complete Embers, the second book in The Frozen Flame series, which should be around the end of October.

This week, it will be back to work on The Making of a Man, which will be finished hopefully before September, depending on how productive I am.

On a lighter note, I am recharged and ready to return to writing. It’s amazing what a week off from work can accomplish.

Until next time, 

Happy Reading! 

Author Spotlight!

Check out these featured books that are free, discounted, or new releases. These authors are returning the favour by sharing my books with their readers.

The Deceit of Tongues: Tenoch’s peace is threatened even more now that the king and prince are dead. Two queens—the king’s brand new wife and the eldest princess—vie for the throne in a power struggle that jeopardizes any accord and goodwill, especially with Vincana, the southern continent. Who will survive? Who will be killed? Only time will tell...

The Cremelino Prophecy: Complete Series: Magic is neither good nor evil. Its power lies in the heart of a wizard.
Darius San Williams, son of one of King Edward's councilors, cares little for his father's politics and vows to leave the city of Anikari to protect and bring glory to the Realm. Each of us have a destiny.  Will Darius find his?

The Scion's Delight: A cunning trap. A whiff of magic. A burst of steam. Princess Cordelia has steel plate ambition, a mind like twisting brass gears, and the political might of tin foil. The girl aims to ratchet the Iron Empire into a glorious new day of gears and steam. The entire palace is arrayed against her...

Power and Majesty: Aufleur is a city of honey cakes, decadent ritual… and a secret war fought by an army of beautiful monsters. The Creature Court die and bleed to keep the daylight folk safe, but no one even knows they exist.  Who will be the new Power and Majesty of the Creature Court: a man who was broken...

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