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International Student Services

Dear International Students,

Several news agencies are reporting that the U.S. government administration has rescinded the policy restricting F-1 visa holders from being in only online classes this fall. CIE has not yet received official notification about this change from the U.S. Student and Exchange Visitor Program. We will share more clarification and further updates as soon as we receive official details.

In the meantime, please continue to work with your academic advisors to enroll full-time in Fall 2020 classes that are available in your program areas. CIE will continue to work on plans that would provide for a hybrid course option, if that should again prove to be necessary.

I invite you to join me for an informational session online at 1:00pm (U.S. Central Time) tomorrow (Wednesday, July 15) where I will provide you with an overview of the campus-wide efforts that have been underway to support you. I will also be happy to answer questions as best I can with the information available at that time.

We are glad the U.S. government seems to be allowing greater flexibility with how Madison College can continue to support your educational goals this fall. We are grateful for the campus-wide support to ensure you remain an active and welcomed member of our campus community. We are glad you are here and will continue to do all we can to assist you.

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Center for International Education

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