My May 2021 Sci-Fi Newsletter With Sales Promos!

Hello, Sci-Fi Readers!

I have two great deals in this NL. My latest release, The Guardians - Threat Of Extinction, is now available for $0.99! Also, The Guardians Series is now on sale for only $3.99.

I hope you enjoy the three prequel novella stories I wrote to introduce readers to my three trilogy series. All three novellas introduce my main characters and give glimpses of what will happen in each series. They were all fun to write. 

Included in this NL are two BookFunnel Sales Promos. Enjoy the book selections and support Indie Authors by posting Reviews! More of my books are included. 

Please post Reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble,  Goodreads or Smashwords if you have already read or like any of these books to encourage new Sci-Fi readers to try them. Thank you for doing this.

Stay safe and keep reading Sci-Fi!

The Guardians - Threat Of Extinction by Don Viecelli - New $0.99

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Amazon UK

The Guardians Series by Don Viecelli - On Sale $3.99

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Discounted Space Opera Shenanigans Sales Promo!

Sales Promo from BookFunnel! Thirty-eight (38) stories here.

My two prequel novella stories, UTOPIAS - The Plague Wars and Nanomachine War - Nanotech Terror Weapon, are included in promo. Post Reviews if you like these series.

BookFunnel Sales Promo!

May From the Void Sales Promo!

Sales Promo from BookFunnel! Twenty-nine (29) stories here.

My books, The Guardians - Book 2, UTOPIAS - Book 2 and Nanomachine War - Book 2, are included. Post Reviews if you like these books.

BookFunnel Sales Promo!

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Don Viecelli Sci-Fi Newsletter

May 7, 2021