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October 2020

Hello Dear Reader,

Happy (almost) Halloween! I know it's early, but we won't be in touch again until next month so I'm sending my ghoulish wishes now. How are you getting ready for the day of scares and screams? If you're looking for ideas for kids, beyond trick-or-treating, check out this article shared by one of my readers. I do some Halloween decorating—who doesn't like a scary carved pumpkin illuminating a front porch—but overall, a general autumnal theme pervades my house. Can you say "overboard?"

In honor of this wicked holiday, I'm giving you a scene from Autumn that features a Halloween pet parade. In this newsletter you'll also find an exciting announcement about my new Street Team, some upcoming promos, a glimpse into the fourth Hamilton sister, Winter, and an uplifting fall read from author RosaLinda Diaz.

A Favorite Character and a Featured Scene

I think all authors have favorites among the characters they've created. I know I do, and it just so happens that one of my favorites is a secondary character who plays a supporting role throughout the entire Finch's Crossing series.

Kyle Oswald, oh how I love you! 

Kyle is introduced in the first book in the series. He is a hopeless romantic, cries tears of joy at the drop of a hat, and has a penchant for inspirational sayings such as “Live, Love, Laugh” and “Bloom where you’re planted.” He had a rough childhood, and these sayings bring him comfort and joy, so you’ll find them throughout his apartment on pillows and plaques. Oddly enough, this eternal optimist falls for the town Grinch, Meg Overly, who has her hands full running her parents’ business breeding German Shepherds for law enforcement. What I love most about Kyle is that he doesn’t let anything deter him from winning the heart of the woman he loves. And believe me, there is plenty to deter him. Meg is grouchy, opinionated to a fault, and standoffish. But Kyle knows there is a softer side to her, because he saw it when he wasn’t supposed to.

Here's a featured scene that illuminates the relationship between Meg and Kyle. I hope you enjoy it! (BTW, things do get better for poor Kyle!)

Join My Street Team! Twenty Spots Still Available

Shoot me an email if you are interested in receiving free advanced copies of my books before publication for the purpose of reviewing and providing feedback. I value my readers' opinions tremendously!

Giveaways and Promos

Tomorrow, 10/16, I'll be the host author on Danni Roan's Facebook page. Come on over for games and giveaways.

Autumn and these other clean and wholesome reads are .99, Oct. 17-20.

My Finch's Crossing holiday novella and these other clean holiday-themed books are FREE through 10/31.

Finally! You Get to Meet the Icy Winter Hamilton

I can't wait for you to read the fourth Finch's Crossing book, Winter. All the gossip, mystery and negativity surrounding the eldest Hamilton sister in the first three books are finally resolved. You'll learn there's more to Winter than her icy demeanor. She may be high-maintenance, but she's also vulnerable. With the help of a handsome doctor and a no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners home health aide, Winter just might overcome her selfishness and her many other shortcomings. Read the first two chapters here. (You may also pre-order Winter on Amazon for a January 1, 2021 release.)

Fall Feels: A Sweet Small Town Romance, RosaLinda Diaz

When Delilah’s love life sparks...her work goes up in smoke—literally.

Fifteen minutes into first period Delilah's classroom is on fire, the whole school is evacuated, and it’s her fault. Now she’s assigned lunch detention with her students for the rest of the semester...unless she can create an awesome science project for the Harvest Festival. 

Learn more and get your copy today!

This is the first book in RosaLinda's School Belles series.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the fall season. Here in Minnesota it's all crisp autumn air and brilliant oranges, scarlets and golds. I'm relishing the pleasure of wearing sweaters on my daily walks with my husband and our dog, Jessica Fletcher.

Thank you for being a Finch's Crossing reader. (Soon, you can read my new series, Wander Creek!) If you enjoy my books, please connect with me on Goodreads and on Facebook. And please consider leaving a review, which will help me continue to pursue my passion and write more books for you.



Amy Ruth Allen

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